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ESET Mobile Security for Android Review

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PROS / ESET Mobile Security Premium successfully detected and stopped all of the 2,266 malware samples it was exposed to during testing by AV Test.

CONS / Consider ESET’s app only if you are okay that online backup and parental controls are not included.

 VERDICT / ESET Mobile Security Premium is high-performance mobile phone virus protection that won’t bog down your phone.

ESET, a well-respected security software brand, publishes ESET Mobile Security for Android, one of the best mobile antivirus apps according to independent lab test results. In terms of its ability to protect against malware and phishing, it is second to none. ESET’s mobile antivirus software is elegantly designed and does not slow down cell phones or drain batteries. The feature set is useful and extensive. However, there are no parental controls or backup utilities.

Unafraid of a little competition, ESET submitted its mobile virus protection app for testing by an independent test lab, AV Test, in March 2014. In the four weeks prior to the testing, AV Test corralled 2,266 in-the-wild mobile virus samples and then released them on ESET and 30 of its competitors. Each tested product was the most current version running at default settings. Each app could update itself at will and query its in-the-cloud services. The average protection success for all competitors was 95.3 percent. ESET Mobile Security for Android, however, detected every malware sample.

In addition to protecting from malware, ESET supports safe browsing so that you do not land on a malicious website or one known to phish for personal data. If you want to eliminate unwanted sources from emailing or messaging you, you can block them.

With mobile phones, one of the biggest security risks stems from losing physical control of the device. ESET provides anti-theft features so you can track its location on a map, receive snapshots from the front and rear cameras, and lock or wipe the device. If you simply misplace your phone in a location where there is no chance that it was stolen, you can remotely trigger it to sound a loud siren so you can retrieve it from wherever you abandoned it. The absence of online backup and parental controls is a product management decision that makes sense if you remember that most Android users are storing anything valuable in the cloud and not every Android phone owner is a parent.

During the testing that AV Test conducted to measure protection, it also considered the impact of the ESET app on the usability of the phone. The conclusion was that ESET’s antivirus mobile security neither drains the battery unduly nor slows the device. Attempts to see whether ESET ever gets confused into warning about perfectly safe apps came up happily empty-handed. During the course of installing more than a thousand legitimate apps from the Google Play Store as well as third-party app stores, ESET never gave a false warning, which is more than can be said about some of its competitors.


ESET, a trusted internet security brand, has one of the best mobile security and antivirus apps. It protects against malware and phishing without taxing your phone’s processing power. In case you lose your phone, there are features to help you recover without the risk of losing your personal identity. United States-base customer service is available by telephone or email. Online chat is not available, however, and support is not 24/7.