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Lookout Premium Review

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PROS / Lookout Premium detects malware in malicious QR codes.

CONS / Not that it matters to those without children, but Lookout Premium does not include parental controls.

 VERDICT / An excellent mobile antivirus software app is Lookout Premium. It performs well in detecting and removing threats, and it contains many useful security features.

Android devices face an onslaught of mobile virus threats. There are application-based threats designed to appear safe enough for you to install them. However they can contain malware that robs you of control over your phone. Application-based threats can also consist of spyware and other sorts of privacy threats. And hackers can also exploit some vulnerable applications for nefarious purposes.

Lookout Premium belongs on a list of the best antivirus for mobile apps because it performed quite well in an important independent lab test that checked its malware detection capabilities. Malicious QR codes are also on the rise, so Lookout Premium examines them for threats as well. Furthermore, it contains many useful security features, even though two are lacking: There are no parental controls, and if a thief attempts to uninstall the mobile virus protection, no password is required.

Lookout Premium provides smartphone users with protection from application-based threats and web-based threats. Web-based threats plague smartphones because they are usually connected to the internet, which allows them to be susceptible to phishing scams, drive-by downloads and browser exploits. With Lookout, you can also deny unwanted telephone calls and messages.

Anti-theft features are necessary for cell phone virus protection because of how easy it is to misplace a phone or lose it to theft or robbery. Unlike some apps, which perform remote anti-theft operations by SMS, with Lookout Premium you issue commands from a web console to locate a missing phone. You can also make it sound a siren if you have simply misplaced it within a known location. If someone has actually taken the phone from you, Lookout Premium will email a pic of the dishonest person to you when it detects three incorrect password attempts. From the web interface you can lock your phone or wipe it so it returns to its factory settings. A backup function lets you restore your data to a new phone so that you suffer the minimum inconvenience if you never retrieve your hardware.

If you have lost your cell phone, you can activate a loud alarm on your device – even if the phone is on silent mode. You can also locate the phone using a GPS system so you can see exactly where your phone is hiding.

If you think your phone has been stolen, you can wipe the data from the device by simply using your online account. This prevents anyone from accessing information if the phone has fallen into the wrong hands. Using Lookout Premium, you can also erase all data saved on the SD card that is located in your device.

Lookout Premium protects your smartphone from viruses, malware and spyware. These threats find their way onto your device in a variety of ways and can steal or share any personal information you may have stored on the phone. Malware can be easily transferred through applications downloaded to your phone, email attachments, text or other media messages and Bluetooth connections. To safeguard your information, Lookout Premium offers real-time protection. This means that when a file is received on your device, the security app scans for any suspicious data that may be hidden inside the file. If any threats are found, Lookout works quickly to eliminate the file.

You never know when a malicious file will creep onto your mobile device and steal your information or destroy your smartphone. Lookout Premium protects your privacy and lets you know if anything suspicious is lurking on your cellular device. This software provides you with backups, regular updates and anti-theft features.

Anything can happen to your cellular device. You may lose it or break it, or someone may steal it. With such a long list of common misfortunes, it is important to have some type of backup for the information you store on your device. All the data you want to save can be backed up to your online Lookout account and stored on the cloud. This is particularly ideal if your phone is lost or broken because you can then place all your backup contacts, photos, messages and emails onto your recovered or new cellular device.

Lookout Premium’s main and corresponding menus are user friendly and easy to navigate. All of the feature and function options are simple to find and personalized to fit your security needs. You have access to full reports of the latest app and data scans, which are all easy to read and understand.

This cell phone security software is a true Android application, but you can also use it on your iPhone iOS 4 and above. While we are disappointed that the smartphone security software application is not compatible with more systems, including BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone 7, it is one of the few applications that offer iPhone users the same protection as Android users.

If you need emergency technical support, Lookout Premium is quick to disappoint, because live chat and telephone support are not available. If you have general questions and can wait for an answer, then the Lookout Support is where you will turn. This section provides comprehensive FAQs. You are able to submit a help ticket or email the support team directly.


Lookout Premium’s ability to detect a majority of malware threats is confirmed by a respected independent test lab, AV Comparatives, which subjected Lookout to a rigorous test suite. The Lookout feature list goes beyond application-based threats to include web-based threats, network threats and physical threats. Lookout does not support parental controls, but not everyone needs those anyway.