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NetQin Mobile Security Review

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NetQin Mobile Security protects smartphones from viruses, worms, spyware, malware and other dangers to personal information. It includes antiphishing features, which means it protects from malicious websites. It operates in real time so that if malware were to infect the device, NetQin would take care of it without waiting for a scheduled scan.

Traffic monitoring tools are available with this mobile antivirus app that examine your smartphone's data usage to prevent you from using too much data and having a large payment at the end of the month. You can also enhance your smartphone's memory, battery and CPU performance with NetQin's device optimization. You can block unwanted sources from calling or sending texts. In addition, this mobile virus protection app provides the ability to back up your contacts to an SD card or to a NetQin server.

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Even if you are physically in control of your smartphone, there are many ways to lose your personal identity. However, because smartphones are mobile devices, another danger to your security happens when you are separated from the hardware because you forgot it somewhere or because someone steals it. At that point, the most important thing is to prevent an unauthorized person from getting access to your data, which is far more valuable than the hardware it lives in.

NetQin is mobile antivirus software that includes anti-theft features. You can remotely locate, lock and wipe the data from your phone. It will send you pictures of the thief's face and alert you if the SIM card changes. Of course, if you just misplace your phone in your home somewhere, there's no need to enlist such advanced anti-theft features. Instead, you could just activate a scream alarm so your phone will lead you to its location even if you had set it on mute.

From a single main interface screen, you have access to all the primary functions of the antivirus mobile security app. The user interface is simple to navigate, and each function screen presents itself clearly. If you have questions, you can visit the NQ Mobile Help Center. Access to support is limited to an online form or visits to forums.

NetQuin Mobile Security offers data monitoring to keep your costs low as well as solid anti-theft features that help you protect your data if your phone is every stolen. Customer service is unfortunately restricted to contact via online form. The feature set, however, is extensive.

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