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Pros / Bitdefender Internet Security is more than personal firewall software. It is a comprehensive security suite.

Cons / The firewall component of Bitdefender Internet Security is not as good as its antivirus engine.

 Verdict / Although Bitdefender Internet Security is an excellent security suite, its firewall component is not the best.

One of the selling points of the Bitdefender Security Suite is that it includes a firewall. The idea is attractive perhaps because the antivirus engine and the firewall are from the same publisher, which implies tight integration between the two components. Unfortunately, however, the weak link in Bitdefender’s otherwise excellent internet security suite is the firewall component, which failed to impress a respected firewall testing lab. While Bitdefender’s antivirus engine is among the finest in the world according to independent test labs, this fact does it little good in a review of personal firewall software.

Firewall Performance
June 2014 test results from the most respected firewall software test lab,, show that Bitdefender’s firewall struggles against competitors. The test lab installed Bitdefender onto a clean PC running Windows 7 with Service Pack. The default browser was the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer. Two independent testers subjected Bitdefender to increasingly challenging levels of firewall tests. Unfortunately, Bitdefender failed so many tests in the first four levels of the test suite that it was not fit to complete the remaining six levels. With a total score of 19 percent, the testers had no alternative but to declare Bitdefender’s firewall “not recommended.”

Additional Security Features
The firewall is just one component of Bitdefender Security Suite. Similar to most of Bitdefender’s security suite competitors, it contains antimalware and antiphishing components. It also has advanced parental control features, which are fairly standard among internet security suites. Another feature worth noting is that Bitdefender Security Suite leverages feedback from its installed base of half-a-billion users so that Bitdefender’s cloud antispam function receives information about spam attacks upon any user, quickly filtering the attacks to protect all Bitdefender users.

Help & Support
Bitdefender Internet Security lays on a full complement of help and support in the form of a user forum and online knowledge base as well as 27/7 online chat, email and telephone access to technicians.


Bitdefender Internet Security includes a two-way firewall to block and filter ports and to shield from internet detection. It also monitors Wi-Fi to frustrate access by unknown entities and aspiring hackers. There are also layers of protection above and beyond the firewall with features such as parental controls, antispam, antiphishing, antimalware and instant-message encryption. There are gamer and laptop modes that minimize competition for resources. Unfortunately, if what you are after is the firewall functionality, Bitdefender’s firewall component is not best in class


Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 Visit Site