Intego offers firewall protection that is especially designed for Mac users, and its Mac Premium Bundle X9 includes a system cleaner, online file backup and antivirus. Parental controls are also included, and you can use even extend its network protection to your Mac mobile devices.

The Intego NetBarrier Mac firewall is network aware, which means it knows when your device is connected to your home network or to a public hotspot. Intego will automatically set its firewall to monitor certain internet enter points based on your connected network, but it is customizable, so you can monitor points where the internet communicates with your computer or block connections completely.

In the most recent tests by independent laboratories AV-Test and AV-Comparatives, Intego VirusBarrier detected 100 percent of Mac malware. It had more trouble identifying and blocking Windows viruses, which means you may inadvertently pass a threat along to a Windows user through email, fire sharing or instant messaging, but your machine will still be protected. We didn’t have any problem during our testing of the Intego VirusBarrier portion of the Mac Premium Bundle; it was simple to start the quick scan or schedule full scans. Intego kept us informed of any potential threats and quarantined them until we either deemed them safe or allowed Intego to completely wipe them from the Mac computer.

One fun tool included with this personal firewall program is the Intego Washing Machine. This scans your Mac devices in search of weak spots in your system that make you more susceptible to spyware, bots and hackers. When Intego finds a program that is out of date or discovers a newer version of your operating system, it will let you know so you can update them, closing the most vulnerable gaps and keeping some of the most dangerous threats out. It also helps clean up your computer by suggesting old, unused files and programs to delete. It also deletes cookies and clears the trash bin so your device runs faster.

We really liked the parental controls included with the Intego Mac Premium Bundle. These features let you control when and how long your kids are online. You can block your kids from seeing specific content by either enabling the filter categories, such as violence, alcohol and pornography, or by adding a specific URL to the website black list. Either way when your child attempts to access a site that is prohibited or contains content that falls under a specified filter category, they will see a notice that they can’t enter until they speak to you to have the filters removed.

Intego Mac Premium Bundle is a good choice for protecting your Mac devices with a personal firewall plus virus scanners, system cleaners and parental controls. It is important to know that while Mac viruses and malware will be effectively blocked, Windows malware may not be detected and could be passed along to Windows machines through email, instant messages and file sharing.

We reviewed Intego Mac Premium Bundle as part of our Mac Internet Security Software comparison. Check it out for more information on Intego's security tools and protection features.

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