The Kaspersky Internet Security 2018 software includes personal firewall protection and powerful antivirus tools to block any threat trying to get into your system, including internet snoops, hackers, viruses and ransomware. Kaspersky consistently scores high in independent laboratory tests that look at its ability to block malware. In our own tests, Kaspersky detected threats, such as installed keyloggers, on our test computers. It also notified us of other threats it blocked as we searched the web and played games online. Kaspersky is designed to scan and detect internet threats regardless of where they come from, including emails and their attachments, instant messages and USB drive files.

One perk of using Kaspersky Internet Security is that it works both as a Windows firewall and as a Mac firewall. This means you only need to purchase this single program to protect computers running both operating systems, and since the lowest priced package comes with three licenses, it is an overall good deal. These licenses aren’t restricted to computers or laptops. You can use these for Android and Apple mobile devices (tablets and cell phones). All your devices and security settings can be accessed and managed from your Kaspersky online account, or through the Kaspersky mobile app.

Kaspersky has social media security tools that are designed specifically to monitor links and interactions while you are on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Because of the popularity of these sites it is easy for hackers and internet snoops to post and send enticing links to sites with dangerous threats. Kaspersky collects information on these threats and adds them to is malware database. This way, Kaspersky learns about these threats and the software is better equipped to block them and notify you if a link takes you to a sketchy site.

This firewall software comes with parental controls that let you easily block content by simply choosing a filter category, such as pornography or violence. There are also time controls so you can restrict the amount of time your kids spend online.

Included with Kaspersky Internet Security are other safeguards, including a safe browsing window so you can work online without worrying about bots or cookies tracking what you are doing. The virtual keyboard helps mask your user names, passwords and account numbers from keyloggers as you enter them into text fields, giving you a safe way to bank, pay bills and conduct business online.

One of the best features of this network firewall is the vulnerability check. This function scans your computer, whether it is a Windows or Mac system, and looks to see if any programs, or your operating system, is out of date. It then gives you a safe link to where you can download the latest version. This is important since out-of-date programs are often the most vulnerable points of entry for ransomware and hackers.

The Kaspersky Internet Security suite of 2018 provides a complete protection package to prevent hackers, malware and other internet threats from breaking into your network. Instant messages, emails and USB drive files are checked for threats and the parental control features are strong and simple to use. The virtual keyboard protects against keyloggers and, coupled with the secure browser, creates a safe place to bank online.

There have been some warnings about government entities and departments using Kaspersky software, but be found it to still be a reliable program for home computer use. For more information please read this article by our sister site, Tom's Guide. However, if you feel that another program would be a better choice for you, we also recommend Norton Security Premium for firewall and internet security protection.

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