McAfee LiveSafe includes personal firewall protection along with its well-known antivirus solution. It has a digital file shredder and parental controls to further secure your computer from lurking threats. It finds and takes out adware and rootkits, and it helps strengthen vulnerabilities in your network against hackers and bots that can sneak in, spy on you and collect sensitive information. The safe browser further protects you from being tracked (and your information snatched) while you are working online.

You can choose to schedule virus scans or manually start them to see if any threats may have snuck in while you were working online. You can also opt to have real-time scanning that checks and blocks your system immediately as a threat tries to push its way onto your computer.

In third-party tests, McAfee hasn’t been very consistent in how well it protects against malware; however, it seems to be getting better and showing more strength in this area. In the most recent tests, McAfee scored high enough to be listed as a top antivirus solution. In our own tests, McAfee sometimes it found potential threats, such as keyloggers, and other times it scanned over them.

The McAfee Windows firewall is another layer of protection that specifically monitors your internet connection for threats suck as rootkits, spyware and bots – programs hackers and internet snoops use to watch your online behaviors and snatch sensitive information. It is also compatible with Mac devices and Android cell phones and tablets. And since you get unlimited licenses when you purchase McAfee LiveSafe, you only need one program to protect all your web-enabled machines, making it a very budget-friendly option.

The detailed security logs let you see exactly what McAfee has found and blocked. You can also see if there are any outdated software programs on your computer and download the newest version to help strengthen those vulnerabilities. This feature of McAfee is very valuable since outdated programs constitute one of the biggest weak spots of your computer, where most viruses and hackers are able to break into your system.

McAfee includes extra tools to help protect you against identity theft. The Anti-Spam tool blocks email from sketchy sources, and the WebAdvisor warns you if a website has known threats before you enter it, so you can avoid the risk of infecting your computer. It also scans for phishing schemes, blocking email and popup messages that only look like they come from a legitimate source, such as your email provider or your bank.

One unique tool that McAfee LiveSafe includes as part of its firewall software is the secure file shredder. With this tool, you can drag and drop a file into the shredder and McAfee will permanently delete it, along with any embedded threats, from your computer. This is especially helpful if you deal with sensitive documents that you need to permanently erase after using them.

We were especially impressed with the parental controls included with this firewall. You can block dangerous content by clicking a filter category, such as alcohol, drugs, violence and pornography. Once enabled, the filter blocks content and websites that have information about these categories so they can’t be accessed. You can also place time restrictions so you kids are online only when you feel it is okay.

LiveSafe is the ultimate internet security program offered by McAfee. Its personal firewall, antivirus and identity theft tools are compatible with all operating systems and devices, and since one license will protect an unlimited number of devices, you only need to purchase the program once to secure all your laptops, computers, cell phones and tablets. The parental controls let you set time limits for online use and block dangerous content from being seeing by your children. It is getting better at tracking and blocking malware in third-party protection tests, and was recently tagged as a top solution.

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