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Anti-Malware Software Reviews

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Anti-Malware Software Review

What Does Anti-Malware Software Do?

You don't have to go out looking for trouble online anymore; trouble is always looking for you. These days, the internet is littered with malware programmed to automatically seek out weaknesses in your computer. The best antimalware software prevents the installation of malware efficiently and effectively – and if some gets through, eliminates it. Even if you are the only one who uses your personal computer or laptop, antimalware software is still necessary for dependable, vigorous internet security. It includes the same fundamental security features found in internet security suites without the extra elements, such as parental controls.

If you’re looking for non-intrusive internet safeguards, antimalware software is the ideal solution. The best malware protection software defends your computer from all manner of malware threats, such as viruses, Trojans, spyware, rootkits, keyloggers and malicious scripts.

If you are searching for anti-malware software that you can install and forget about, consider choosing Bitdefender Antivirus Plus. For world-leading offline and online malware protection, look to Kaspersky Antivirus. For a reliable shield with low-resource malware scanning, consider F-Secure Anti-Virus. And for more information about malware and internet security, see our articles about antimalware software.

Antimalware Software: What to Look For

To be counted among the best antimalware software, an application must perform two functions well: detect malware and remove it. If the antimalware software cannot perform those two tasks, any other features provide little value. We looked for antimalware software that doesn’t hit system performance hard and that has the proven ability to recognize and eradicate malware. We also compared the feature set and the technical support provided by the software developer.

Malware Detection
Antimalware software cannot remove malware that it cannot detect. We gathered numerous effectiveness scores to evaluate which product has the most dependable performance in detecting malware. The performance tests incorporate not only known threats, but also newly emergent threats and suspiciously behaving scripts. The best antimalware software doesn’t miss much, but it also does not cry wolf, producing a significant number of false-positive results.

Malware Removal
Removing malware that has already infected a system is a more demanding task than detecting it at the gates. We rated most favorably the antimalware applications that can safely and successfully remove malware from an infected system. We also looked to see how well the software helps the computer recover from infections that were present before it was installed.

When looking for features, you want to look at what the software can do in addition to how well it performs as discussed above. Antimalware software with a variety of scans gives you many perspectives to help you find problems. The best antimalware software also prompts you to create rescue discs to protect your data, allows you to safely run an infected computer and explains which malware infection was found so you know the appropriate course of action. Preemptive security functions such as virtual browsers and white lists reduce the chance of infection by creating a buffer against attacks.

Help & Support
We evaluated the type of customer assistance and technical support the manufacturers provide. The best antimalware software providers offer telephone, chat and email support, as well as user manuals and online documentation. Many also provide virus and threat information, user forums and the ability to submit suspicious files for assessment.

The best antimalware software has minimal impact on system speed so it won’t slow down your work or play and it’s not loaded down with features you may not need. These applications can protect your PC from malicious attacks from downloaded files, emails, misleading links and infected external drives.

Purch Marketplace Download for $29.95 Visit Site