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Antispyware Software Review

Why Use Antispyware?

The function of the best antispyware software is to prevent hackers from virtually spying on you. Spyware surreptitiously collects information about people and organizations. There is a relatively benign form of spyware called adware, which is merely annoying in that it tracks your web-surfing destinations and interactions with banner ads. Marketing programs from legitimate companies are usually the adware sponsors. Even if adware from legal businesses were the worst form of spyware software, it would be sufficient motivation to shield yourself with anti-spyware software.

The best spyware that criminals employ goes beyond annoyance to a serious security risk. Keyloggers, for example, monitor keystrokes to steal personal identities. Once a hacker has your pass codes, usernames, account numbers and credit card numbers, just imagine the potential havoc. Do not be a mark. Orient yourself to computer security by reading our articles about antispyware software wherein we highlight the best spyware removers: Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Norton AntiVirus.

Antispyware Software: What to Look For

At first, there were only standalone antispyware software products. Nowadays, antivirus software and internet security suites have built-in antispyware capabilities. The standalone spyware-removal tools live on, but they exist in an evolutionary dead end. The reason for the rise and fall of standalone spyware-removal products stems from a time when antivirus vendors were reluctant to include antispyware capabilities because of the threat of lawsuits from legitimate spyware publishers who objected to having their spyware described as spyware. By dropping the term "spyware," antivirus software publishers were able to fold antispyware features back into antivirus software, except that they now call spyware "extended threats" so that publishers of legal spyware cannot bring lawsuits against them.

Just because some spyware is legal does not mean that you want to let it take up residence in your PC. Why allow marketing companies to know your online purchasing behavior? Preserve your anonymity. Maintain your dignity. Remove spyware.

The ability to protect against spyware and to remove it when it inevitably makes it through is the most important measure of performance for antispyware software. Usability is another important aspect of performance that has to do with the software's impact on system performance and the rate at which it accurately detects threats with minimal false positive results. In order to rank products objectively, we rely on the performance results from product testing at the independent test lab AV-Test.

As you evaluate antispyware products, focus on antivirus software or internet security suites because they include spyware scanners. One of the most important antispyware features to consider is a virtual keyboard that allows you to frustrate keyloggers by entering your passwords without using the actual keyboard.

Help & Support
To make sure that you purchase software from a publisher that can support you at the times you need using the communication channels that you prefer, do not overlook this piece of pre-purchase research. For example, if you know you need 24/7 access to technical support and you insist on online chat mode, check for these offerings before you click on the buy button.

The most efficient way to have malicious software removal capability is to purchase one of the best antivirus software products or a leading internet security suite. If the product has a virtual keyboard and receives good test results from AV-Test, buy with boldness and restore confidence in your ability to conduct computer activities without uninvited witnesses.

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