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Pros / Advanced scanning capabilities, minimal impact on system performance, and 24/7 active kernel-level protection.

Cons / Definitions database has some limitations.

 Verdict / This is a powerful antispyware software.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Go ahead and enjoy the Internet worry-free with CounterSpy from Sunbelt Software. CounterSpy includes every security feature we were looking for, is easy to customize and offers some of the best customer service and support we’ve experienced. CounterSpy is one of the best anti spyware software solutions available.

CounterSpy is fully compatible with Vista and Windows 7 and can protect your computer from all kinds of threats including spyware, adware, malware and rootkits.

Unlike first generation security programs, CounterSpy runs behind-the-scenes without slowing down your system. Besides online protection, this anti spyware application will also offer you privacy protection by completely erasing files and clearing your web browsing history.

Test Results

CounterSpy is extremely easy to use. The program is divided into four categories, which are separated into sub-categories. This arrangement helps lead you intuitively through the program.

There is plenty of customization available in CounterSpy. We feel that one sign of well-developed software is its ability to bend to the needs of its users, regardless of their skill level; CounterSpy does better than most. For example, a novice can use features like Active Protection with the program’s default settings and receive excellent protection. A more advanced user can select exactly what the program will protect against and what it will ignore, depending on preference.

Detection & Removal

CounterSpy is among the most effective spyware products on the market today. The program finds just about all the spyware and adware out there. It successfully removed any spyware we tested.

The program also offers Active Protection, which runs in the background while your computer is on to shield your system from spyware and adware continuously. This feature won’t slow down the speed of your computer and is especially useful for people who are always connected to the Internet. Active Protection provides real-time protection by facilitating on-access scanning whenever files are accessed.

CounterSpy features a hybrid engine that combines spyware and malware protection. The software also utilizes FirstScan, which effectively scans your computer before the Windows OS loads to detect and remove deeply rooted malware and rootkits.

Help & Support

This is yet another reason why CounterSpyconsistently ranks so high. Their research department works feverishly to stay on top of new and evolving threats, and with its frequent updates, removal is highly successful.

Unlike many antispyware solutions that offer a free trial that simply detects potential threats, CounterSpy's 15-day free trial is completely functional. The trial account not only scans and detects spyware, but will actually remove the malicious files as well.


Sunbelt Software's CounterSpy anti spyware application can protect your computer and your privacy easily. This application received a four-star rating in nearly every category and works with Windows Vista, 7 and XP. CounterSpy is a comprehensive solution, combining powerful protective features and effective resource management within an advanced interface.

CounterSpy 4.0.3904 Visit Site