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McAfee AntiSpyware Review

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McAfee AntiSpyware

McAfee Parental Controls is now a part of McAfee Internet Security Suite. Please see our review for Internet Security Suites

Although McAfee makes a formidable anti-virus product, McAfee Anti-Spyware is far from spectacular. Although it is easy to use and has many different forms of support, McAfee Anti-Spyware missed too much spyware and adware to be effective.

McAfee AntiSpyware works with Windows Vista.


For a company with such a good reputation, we were disappointed in McAfee Anti-Spyware's feature set. Although the program offers many useful features-like Scan Scheduling, Auto Updates and Real-Time Tracking-it's missing assets such as spyware/adware descriptions and threat levels; these help you determine whether the detected spyware and adware are dangerous or benign.


McAfee Anti-Spyware missed much of the spyware and adware we tested. Though marginally effective, this is not software that we recommend to those looking for high-level spyware and adware protection.

Help & Support

McAfee Anti-Spyware is simple to use. With few customizable features, McAfee is simple for novices.


Although it's easy to use and comes with fairly good help support, McAfee Anti-Spyware just doesnât do well enough detecting and removing spyware to receive our recommendation. For the same amount of money, we recommend Aluria Anti-Spyware, a top-notch spyware program that is effective against spyware and adware.

McAfee AntiSpyware
Purch Marketplace Download for $29.95 Visit Site