Pros / The basic security package comes with three licenses to protect multiple computers.

Cons / It received one of the lowest AV-Test performance scores in our review, which means it can slow your computer down

 Verdict / G Data is suitable antivirus protection software with a high level of security for your Windows 10 computer.

Editor’s Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top product. The original review is below, but check out our current reviews of the best Antivirus Software.

G Data earned a place in our Windows 10 antivirus software review, though it lacks the AV-Test scores and features to rank higher. It does provide a high level of security and is easy to use. Its antivirus and antispyware protection work together with web protection to keep your computer safe from both online and offline threats, including phishing scams, dialers, adware, malicious scripts, Trojans, rootkits and worms. The software also incorporates advanced protection against malware spread through email or instant messaging.

While G Data Antivirus for Windows slowed the AV-Test lab's host machine more than most other antivirus programs, it did meet industry standards for protection and usability. This means it catches malware threats and allows legitimate websites through, but it may slow down your computer significantly while it runs. While not as efficient with your system resources, G Data's performance in protection tests counteracts this limitation.

G Data's virus definition and program updates run automatically, but you can also run them manually when you want. It features self-learning fingerprinting and whitelisting, which analyzes files and determines if they pose a threat. This is a good feature to have, since it prevents unnecessary scans of safe files. It comes with additional tools such as gaming mode, which reduces interruptions from the software while you play games, and rescue disks to restore your system in the event a threat crashes it. However, it's missing some convenient features, such as automatic USB scans. It also comes standard with three licenses so you can secure multiple computers or laptops with one software purchase.

G Data Antivirus for Windows 8

G Data did well on AV-Test evaluations in May and June of 2015, earning above-average scores for both performance and usability. However, it still fell behind in performance tests, which measure how much running the program affects the computer. Because of the significant lag it causes, G Data, while an effective security program, didn't rank in our Windows 8 antivirus software review.

G Data Antivirus Windows 7

G Data Antivirus for Windows received its highest AV-Test scores in the lab's 2016 testing of its Windows 7 antivirus. It scored perfectly in both protection and usability, test that look specifically at how well a program protects against both known and newly emerging malware threats, and how often it mistakenly blocks legitimate websites. AV-Test gave it an above-average score for performance, meaning G Data works its best on Windows 7 computers.

This antivirus is effective at protecting your computer from malware threats and at repairing PCs that are already infected. G Data also blocks you from phishing sites and protects you while you bank online. The product includes an emergency DVD that allows you to boot and clean an infected PC.

G Data Antivirus for Windows Vista & XP

G Data is included in our lineup of antivirus software for Windows Vista. In its most recent tests, which AV-Test conducted in 2010, G Data received above-average scores for detecting and blocking over 700,000 different malware threats, both known and unknown, and accurately detecting when a file or website is good and letting it through. Like all its versions, G Data for Windows Vista still scored low in performance, meaning it consistently slows down your computer while it runs.

This software's feature set is standard but comprehensive. It protects your computer against dangerous email attachments and creates an emergency startup disk in case your computer gets so damaged that it can't boot correctly. It schedules full scans for when your processor is idle, and it automatically updates its threat database multiple times per day so that your Vista computer is always protected with the most recent security knowledge.

G Data virus protection also did very well in Windows XP antivirus software testing. It received perfect marks for malware detection and protection. It also proved above average in usability, which tests how well it tells the difference between good and bad files, and performance, which determines how it affects your Windows XP computer while running. Overall, G Data antivirus protection performed very well on Windows XP operating systems.

G Data includes two powerful scan engines, uses cloud-based security, and is compatible with popular browsers and instant messenger programs to ensure every part of your computer is safe from threats, regardless of where they originate.

Help & Support

G Data has built-in help files and an email support form to help you resolve most issues. There is also 24/7 phone support in case you need immediate assistance. Unlike many of the best antivirus software products, though, G Data does not have a live chat support option, which is often the fastest way to contact a company.

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G Data offers good protection against viruses and other malware on many Windows operating systems. It effectively detects threats and protects your computer. Although it has a slowing effect on computers, this software is up to the task of computer virus protection.

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