Pros / You can protect an unlimited number of devices with just one license.

Cons / You get no support for iOS devices.

 Verdict / McAfee Internet Security software offers good protection for your Windows and Android devices, but it provides much less for Macs and no protections for iOS devices.

McAfee Internet Protection is computer protection software that lets you cover an unlimited number of Windows, Mac and Android devices with the purchase of a single license. While some competitors include more features, when it comes to the most important computer protection considerations, McAfee does a good job. However, it does not extend that protection to iOS devices, and its support for Macs is relatively narrow.

In scores from independent testing of McAfee’s capabilities, you get a mixed bag. The results of AV-Test's Windows security software testing in April 2016 demonstrate that McAfee is below average in Windows malware detection, and it was about average when it came to not slowing down a PC. However, McAfee Internet Security got excellent scores for not identifying legitimate sites as malicious sites in the same testing interval.

On your Windows PC or laptop, McAfee protects you from websites that try to steal your identity. It also protects you from malware that tries to enter your PC when you plug in removable storage media such as a USB thumb drive. With the gamer mode, the software conveniently suppresses alerts whenever it sees that you are gaming or using full screen video. You also get useful parental controls, which are important in an era when the cyberworld has become so dangerous for youngsters, as well as a file shredder that eliminates deleted files completely. Absent from the Windows component are such things as antitheft features to protect a lost or stolen computer remotely, a password manager and secure file vaults.

The Mac module includes antiphishing and parental controls. However, you do not get a password manager to securely store your many passwords or online backup to prevent you losing data in a crash. The Mac module was not part of AV-Test's evaluations of this software in 2016.

The mobile component of McAfee offers various Android features. AV-Test results from testing in July 2016 showed McAfee provided excellent protection against malware and did a great job in not mistaking safe sites for malicious ones, so in these areas, your Android smartphone and tablet are protected well. McAfee Internet Security also provides an online account management dashboard where you can view details of your subscriptions, renew them or add to your list of devices under protection, and update your profile. You can opt in or out of automatic renewal for your account.

You also get antitheft capabilities so you can determine the location of your mobile device if it is lost or stolen, lock it, and even erase your personal information so it does not fall into the hands of criminals. If you are getting annoying calls, this software gives you the capability of blocking them. You also get antiphishing protection so your identity is covered.

However, this software does not offer parental controls on Android or iOS devices, which is a significant omission in this era when parents are concerned about their child’s activity, and the behavior of others, on smartphones. This computer protection software does not extend other kinds of coverage to iOS devices.

You can reach customer support by online chat and email, and phone support is available 24/7. McAfee’s support website for consumer products is well stocked with helpful resources, including product guides, a community forum of users, a virtual technician and a troubleshooting section.

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  • Windows Malware Detection
  • Windows Performance Loss
  • Windows Usability (False Positives)
  • Mac Malware Detection Rate
  • Mac Performance Loss
  • Android Protection
  • Android Usability
  1. It was tested by AV-Test running on Windows 10 in April 2016.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 7  McAfee
    92.0 %
  3. 100.0 %
  4. 100.0 %
  5. 100.0 %
  6. Category Average
    98.0 %


You get extensive device coverage with McAfee, since no other computer protection software in our review protects an unlimited number of devices with one license. This software does not help you keep iOS devices safe and is missing some functions for protecting Macs, although it does extend some helpful features for Windows PCs and laptops as well as Android devices. If you have collected lots of computer devices around you and are an Android phone owner, McAfee is a cost-effective way to protect your data.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Windows Component

Malware Detection
Below Average
Performance Loss
Detects Malware on Removable Media
Gamer Mode
Parental Controls
File Shredder

Macintosh Component

Malware Detection
Not tested
Performance Loss with Protection Package Active
Not tested
Parental Controls

Android Component

Malware Detection
Application Advisor
Blocks Calls

Platform Integration and User Experience

Platforms per License
Online Account Management

Help & Support

Online Chat
Virus-Free Guarantee