Pros / SensiGuard encrypts your files using the strongest algorithm key available.

Cons / Encrypting and decrypting files takes some time.

 Verdict / SensiGuard is more difficult encryption software to use than most, but it offers some good security features.

SensiGuard isn't the fastest or most intuitive encryption software program on our lineup. However, it does offer some of the security features and the strong encryption algorithm of the best encryption software.

SensiGuard isn't incredibly difficult to use, but its ease-of-use score is still one of the lowest out of the encryption programs we tested. Most encryption software makes the process of encryption easy – you just select files or folders you want to lock and click the encryption option. SensiGuard requires you to understand a different encryption process, in which you generate encryption keys. Although the program walks you through this step by step, it isn't intuitive. Your other choice of securing your files is simply locking them within the program, but it isn't clear whether your files are simply password-protected or actually encrypted. Secure IT is more easy to use if need a program that is more intuitive.

This software performed the encryption and decryption of files the most slowly out of all the encryption software we tested. File compression is automatic when you encrypt files, so when we began encrypting our 63 test files, which totaled 128MB, SensiGuard had us waiting for nearly seven minutes while it encrypted and compressed the files. Once the process finished, we were rewarded with a compressed file that only saved us 4MB.

You can email encrypted files to a recipient or store your encrypted files online, on flash drives, external drives, CDs or DVDs. However, you or your recipient needs to have SensiGuard installed on the device used to open the encrypted files – along with the password or the key.

SensiGuard uses the best encryption algorithm available. It encrypts your files with the same algorithm key that the U.S. government uses, 256-bit AES, which is the most secure you can get.

The software includes a few other security features that are nice to have. You get a file shredder, an excellent feature that lets you delete files permanently so that they are no longer recoverable. The password strength meter tells you in a glance whether your chosen password is secure enough, and the stealth mode makes it appear as if you don't use encryption software on your system. However, this software lacks a password generator to come up with strong passwords for you and a virtual keyboard to hide your passwords from potential keyloggers by letting you type them with your mouse.

This is one of the few encryption programs that allows you to recover your password should you forget it, which comes in very handy at times but is not necessarily a benefit. The software has you answer security questions during setup, so if anyone is able to get answers to those questions, your privacy is at risk of breach.

This encryption software is compatible with the last five versions of Windows, so as long as you run Windows XP or newer, SensiGuard will work fine on your system. SensiGuard offers many options for customer support. You can contact the company directly, or you can access the support it offers online. You can view a handful of FAQs, the software manual and tutorials on its website at your convenience.

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    86.25 %


Like the best encryption software, SensiGuard offers the strongest encryption algorithm key and some handy security features. However, it doesn't encrypt your files as quickly as other encryption software in our ranking does, and it's not as intuitive to use as the best programs either.

SensiGuard 3.6 Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks


Ease of Use
File Compression


Encryption Algorithm Type
256-bit Key AES
File Shredder
Password Strength Meter
Password Generator
Self-Extracting Files
Virtual Keyboard
Stealth Mode
Password Recovery

Version Compatibility

Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Mac OS

Help & Support

Customer Support
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