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ESET Cybersecurity for Mac Review

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PROS / ESET achieves high rates of detection without slowing down the Mac.

CONS / The access to support is not 24/7.

 VERDICT / ESET’s internet security for Mac is high-performance antimalware and antiphishing software.

If you were a criminal, you would not ignore the Mac operating system because the user base is now large enough to be lucrative. Fortunately many internet security products for Mac are now available. ESET Cybersecurity for Mac, for example, is one of the best Apple security products and winner of the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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Why consider Mac security? The reason is that even though OS X contains strong security systems and there is less Mac malware than Windows malware, even one successful Trojan, such as Flashback, can compromise hundreds of thousands of Macs in a short amount of time. ESET’s Mac internet security decreases the chances of you falling victim. This software includes a comprehensive list of useful features, but more importantly it discovers threats with great accuracy and without slowing system performance to any degree that you would notice.

  1. Test results from AV-Test, August 2014
    Higher is Better
  2. 3 ESET Cybersecurity for Mac
  3. 98.3%
  4. 100%
  5. Category Average


ESET is so effective that when respected independent software lab AV-Comparatives tested Mac security software in July 2014, ESET Cybersecurity for Mac intercepted 100 percent of 65 Mac malware samples. Furthermore it shone in tests run by AV-Test in September 2014, where it was one of 18 Mac security software products in the testing lineup. One of the tests exposed it to 117 malware samples to discover during normal on-demand scanning. Another test measured how well the application identified infected files while in background mode while testers copied 84 infected files from folder to folder: ESET detected 99.1 percent of the malware samples.

With enough time, any Mac security software might find most malware. However you should also consider how long it takes and whether it slows your productivity on that machine, which is why AV-Test devised a way to test performance. After measuring a baseline for comparison by timing how long it took to copy 7.3GB of data on a computer without any protection, the testers installed security software and ran the test again. The test took 17.2 seconds without security software. And with ESET installed it slowed by less than two seconds. Some of the products in the test took much longer and found fewer malware samples. One competitor needed 40 seconds to complete the copying. Another competitor required almost eight minutes and still failed to reach ESET’s high malware detection rates. ESET is unusually good at finding malware without bogging down computer speed.


On top of high detection rates and good performance, the application includes a comprehensive feature list. Its antimalware feature is not just for Mac malware, it also stops Windows malware. And whether the malware attempts to infiltrate via internet, email or attached external drives, ESET can find it. Additionally it protects against spam and spyware. Antiphishing, however, is the most important feature that ESET includes because it alerts you to websites that trick you into sharing sensitive personal data. In other words it protects you from yourself. Since Macs have such strong internal security mechanisms, an easier way for hackers to exploit Mac users is by tricking Mac owners, something far easier to accomplish than infecting your computer. Along with most of the products in our review, this software steers you clear of phishing sites.

Help & Support

You can reach ESET support by email or telephone, but not online chat. Help hours are 12 hours per day on weekdays, so if you want access to help on any day and at any hour, then ESET might not be right for you. But don’t forget that some competitors with better access to support do not have products that can match ESET’s threat detection rates.


ESET provides Mac users with a brand respected by information technology professionals. It is an effective performer with a long list of useful features. It is among the very best at detecting Mac and Windows malware. Furthermore it does so without slowing down your Mac. Perhaps its most important function is that it tells you which websites are tricksters angling to steal your personal identity.

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