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G Data Antivirus for Mac Review

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PROS / G Data Antivirus for Mac is efficient at malware detection.

CONS / There are no parental controls.

 VERDICT / G Data Antivirus for Mac competes among the best because it is excellent at malware detection.

G Data Antivirus for Mac excels in the three most important characteristics of Mac security: malware detection, impact on system performance and product support. What’s missing are some extra features that are becoming standard among Mac security software competitors, parental software for example. First let’s look at how well G Data Antivirus for Mac lives up to the “antivirus” in its name.

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G Data did not compete in the July 2014 AV-Comparatives Mac antivirus tests. However it did compete with 17 others at the Mac security software tests at AV-Test a couple of months later. One of the detection tests looked at normal on-demand scanning activity (117 malware samples). Another tested background threat detection while the lab copied 84 infected files in between folders. One of three best software packages to detect every threat sample was G Data.

  1. Test results from AV-Test, August 2014
    Higher is Better
  2. 6 G Data Antivirus
  3. 98.3%
  4. 100%
  5. 99.1%
  6. Category Average

One of the reasons G Data is among the best internet security for Mac products is how lightly it taxes its host computer. AV-Test timed how long it took to copy 7.3GB of data on a Mac running Apple OS X 10.9.4 without any Mac virus protection. The result established a baseline of 17.2 seconds. Then, with G Data installed and active, the lab copied the same 7.3GB of data and found G Data to be less than two seconds slower – so little that the average person cannot tell. Some competing Mac security software didn't do as well. In fact one of them slowed its host Mac by more than seven minutes yet still failed to detect malware with the same level of accuracy as G Data.

Similar to most Mac internet security products, this software guards you against phishing, almost more of a threat to Mac users than malware. If Windows malware tries to traverse your Mac on the way to downstream PC users, G Data stops it. This software does not include a proprietary firewall. However the Mac OS has its own formidable firewall, which works fine with G Data. Parental software is not included, which is not really a drawback to those without children or those who use a standalone parental software product.

Help and support are provided 24/7. You can reach a support technician by email or telephone. Some security software publishers do not maintain 24/7 access to support.


G Data Antivirus for Mac has excellent malware detection with only slight effect on host system performance. The publisher's commitment to your safety and convenience is apparent given the 24/7 access to help and support. You might consider G Data’s internet security for Mac if you don't need integrated parental controls.

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