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avast! Endpoint Protection Suite Review

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PROS / avast! sports a sleek interface with customizable skins.

CONS / If you need to protect Linux machines, this is not the right product.

 VERDICT / avast! Endpoint Protection Suite is powerful protection and easy to manage.

avast! Endpoint Protection Suite is small business antivirus software that protects business computers and file servers. avast! features automatic updates that are incremental, so they don’t take long because you only have to download new/changed data. avast! Endpoint Protection Suite also includes PUSH updates, which are started from the avast! end when necessary to quickly get an essential update out to your company. These PUSH updates utilize SMTP (email message) protocol for simple and smooth deployment. avast! includes protection technologies to help secure Instant Messaging clients and files transferred through them. avast! also includes protection for peer-to-peer (P2P) networks.

avast! Endpoint Protection Suite

Another exclusive feature of avast! Endpoint Protection Suite is the ability to completely customize the user interface appearance. The default interface is pretty sleek in itself, resembling a music player with volume (security level) and play (run scan) buttons and controls. Several other unique skins and layout schemes are available for download to customize the interface, while still maintaining core functionality and access to all the features. With several features, advanced technologies and timely updates, avast! has proven effective at protecting endpoint computers as well as accompanying servers. The avast! antivirus kernel has been certified by the Virus Bulletin, Westcoast labs and ICSA labs.

avast! Endpoint Protection Suite is secure against threats specifically designed to disable security. It also includes a network shield that acts like a lightweight-firewall Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for all network traffic. The Endpoint Protection Suite is equipped to protect from viruses spread through email. The email scanner works with SMTP, POP3, IMAP, NNTP or MS Outlook protocols. The software has heuristic behavioral analysis of email to protect against unknown threats. avast! scans deep into your systems, scanning for hidden malware in compressed files and a number of archive files (ARJ, ZIP, MIME, MAPI, RAR, TAR, GZIP, CAB, BZIP2, ZPP, ACE, ARC, CHM, ISO). The scanners also work with alternate data streams with NTFS volumes.

avast! Endpoint Protection Suite features centralized management and administration. IT personnel should have no problem running the system across the company. The administration manager is composed of three parts, the Management Server, SQL Databse and Administration console. Administrators also have access to advanced reporting and customizable alerts. Alerts/notifications can be set up to be delivered directly using a Windows popup, or through e-mail, physical printing, SNMP traps or as an Instant Message. Graphical reports can be created to display a variety of statistics and events. The reports can be scheduled to run at given times and exported to a number of more usable formats such as HTML, DOC and PDF.


When you’re securing all your business resources, including servers and all endpoint users, you need a system that can handle today’s advanced threats and doesn’t require another team of IT professionals: avast! Endpoint Protection Suite.

avast! Endpoint Protection Suite