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Pros / The diagnostic consistency is very high.

Cons / Installation received a D+.

 Verdict / Advanced SystemCare PRO 9 didn't produce drastic improvements to our test PC, but it did make an improvement. It's also one of the most consistent and easy PC cleaners to use.

Editor's Note: Advanced SystemCare Pro 10 is now available. Clicking the Buy button will take you to this version for purchase. We will evaluate, rank and review Advanced SystemCare Pro 10 when we next update the PC system utilities software reviews. Meanwhile, enjoy our review below about the Advanced SystemCare Pro 9.

For PC maintenance, Iobit's Advanced SystemCare PRO 9 provides an excellent interface that guides you through the process of tuning up your PC. In our tests, improved our test PC by 9 percent, which is far below the 300 percent boost Iobit suggests. However, the improvements were still above average, and it was among the most consistent diagnostic apps in our tests. 

For our review of PC system utility software, we used every available optimization tool within the app on a test PC in Top Ten Reviews' computer lab. Then we used PCMark 8 to benchmark the performance both before and after optimization. The benchmarking tests gauged word and data processing speed, graphics processing, web browsing speed and video chat quality. We also checked whether there was any improvement to the boot-up speed as well as diagnostic consistency of the app.

After multiple rounds of testing, Advanced SystemCare PRO improved the performance of our test PC by an average of 9 percent, which was just .70 percent above average. In comparison, the best PC system utility app in our tests only improved performance by 12.5 percent, so you shouldn't expect a dramatic increase to your PC's speed. The boot-up speed was improved by 10.5 percent, which is noticeable but not impressive.

One of the best aspects of Advanced SystemCare PRO is the diagnostic consistency, which was 99 consistent with its diagnostic scans, even after nearly 30 scans. In each round of testing, we scanned the test PC and fixed the issues the app found. Then we scanned it again immediately after fixing the issues. Ideally, it shouldn't find any issues because it had just fixed all the issues. This app was one of the few that consistently found nothing new on subsequent scans, which shows you can trust the results.

For ease of use, the app received an A. The interface is very interactive and easy to follow. You can easily run optimizations with one click while still diving into the advanced tools for deeper optimizations.

One significant downside, however, is the installation, which received a D+. When you install the app, it automatically installs free versions of Iobit software: Iobit Uninstaller, Iobit Driver Booster, Iobit Malware Fighter. Each of these additional apps are resource hogs with active widgets that are difficult to close and remove.

  • Overall Improvement
  • Boot Up Speed Improvement
  • Word & Data Processing Improvement
  • Video Chat Quality Improvement
  • Diagnostic Consistency
  1. This is the overall improvement made to our test computer after multiple tests.
    Higher is Better
  2. 7  Advanced SystemCare PRO
    9.0 %
  3. 12.5 %
  4. 10.0 %
  5. 9.0 %
  6. Category Average
    8.35 %


Advanced SystemCare PRO 9 provides an easy-to-use PC maintenance tool that produced an overall improvement of 9 percent to our test PC. The boot-up speed was improved by 10.5 percent. The diagnostic consistency was impressive with a 99 percent consistency rate. While it's one of the easiest PC system utility apps in our review, the installation automatically installs software you may not want.

Advanced SystemCare PRO 9 Visit Site