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Antivirus Software: Sophos vs. Symantec

Antivirus protection is very important in the corporate world, and choosing the right antivirus software is a challenge for companies of all sizes. In compairing Symantec vs. Sophos both offer corporate security suites with surprisingly similar titles. Symantec offers Endpoint Protection, while Sophos offers Endpoint Security.

The Sophos security suite offers a free trial download, as does Symantec; both require you to contact the sales office if you wish to purchase the full version. The license agreement for up to five computers for one year costs slightly less than $55 for Symantec and slightly more than $65 for Sophos.

Both Symantec and Sophos are available for Mac operating systems, which makes them a good choice for companies that use both Mac and PC systems. Both Symantec and Sophos allow you to manage your antivirus protection from a single computer, and offer the ability for management to set different levels for different users. By allowing administrators to assign different levels based on the user and the location of the computer, both Symantec and Sophos give considerable flexibility to companies. A desktop in the office may need a different level of protection than a laptop used on a business trip, and both Symantec and Sophos provide that variety of protection.

Sophos and Symantec both have management interfaces that can be difficult for novice users to learn because both are geared toward users who are familiar with antivirus protection and the various levels of security that are necessary.

Sophos and Symantec provide similar malware protection, and both claim to protect computer systems against viruses, worms, Trojans, adware and many other threats. Both detect suspicious activities and allow administrators to block high-risk applications. Antivirus software testers have ranked both Sophos and Symantec at the top of the scale for malware protection.

Sophos appears to be a better choice for smaller companies, however. Symantec s protection is almost too much for small companies, with much more administrative control than most small businesses need. With less than a $10 price difference between the two antivirus software products, small businesses could still opt for Sophos if it is a better fit for them.

Both Sophos and Symantec offer excellent antivirus protection and both have flexible management controls. Sophos edges out Symantec for small businesses, however, because some of the management controls are geared toward large corporations. Symantec beats Sophos in terms of price, although the difference is not significant.

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