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Comodo vs. ZoneAlarm

When it comes down to Comodo vs. ZoneAlarm, the only way to determine which antivirus software is better is to compare the features between the two. Comodo offers a free product that provides features with which even some paid antivirus software cannot compete. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall, on the other hand, is meant to be used in conjunction with separate antivirus software. It does not offer the mainstay tools that are necessary to maintain a computer on its own.

One aspect of protection that is covered well by ZoneAlarm is its outgoing firewall. A normal firewall screens all incoming messages and data, which ZoneAlarm does as well. However, if a system becomes corrupted, it can potentially spread to other computers. An outgoing firewall prevents this from occurring. The notifications that ZoneAlarm gives when the outbound firewall encounters a threat are unobtrusive, yet inform you of the issue. DefenseNet is ZoneAlarm's cloud-based method for detecting strange and suspicious activity that is unrecognizable. Submitting information to DefenseNet is optional.

The free edition of Comodo Antivirus brings with it a whole host of features that make it nearly the perfect set-and-forget antivirus software. There is certainly one key area in which Comodo has been known to have problems, and that is with systems that are already infected with viruses and malware. Comodo is an excellent utility for keeping a clean system safe, but you should not rely on it to clean up a computer that is already loaded with viruses.

Comodo vs. ZoneAlarm is a difficult decision to make, as each has its own valuable features. An optional feature, called the ZoneAlarm toolbar, can be used within a web-browsing window. Not everyone enjoys the clutter produced by integrated toolbars, but the ZoneAlarm toolbar does offer several useful features. It has an email checker that you can use to certify that email messages are safe, and it is compatible with most major email services, including Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo. Another nifty feature offered by the ZoneAlarm toolbar is a backup service that is completely free and can store up to 2GB of data.

ZoneAlarm has been infamous in the past for releasing antivirus software that bogs down computer systems, but the newest releases have all shown that the developers have been working hard to improve their software's effect on a system. Comodo's effect on a system is minimal, but there are many alerts and pop-ups that may annoy users. These pop-ups will occur less often as time goes on, or can be deactivated altogether.

When comparing Comodo vs. ZoneAlarm, it is quite clear that each software has its own strengths and weaknesses. Comodo is a great stand-alone antivirus suite that comes with enough features to defend a computer from practically any threat. On the other hand, ZoneAlarm can be used in conjunction with antivirus software because its main strength and most unique feature is its outgoing firewall. The battle between Comodo vs. ZoneAlarm makes it quite clear that both have strong aspects, such as Comodo's great detection rate, and weak aspects, such as ZoneAlarm's lack of a virus scanning utility. The two applications actually complement each other quite well, so you may be tempted to try using the two in tandem.

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