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McAfee Total Protection Review

McAfee Total Protection blocked 100 percent of the 350 Windows malware and 165 Mac threats we used in our testing, including Trojans, rootkits, phishing schemes and malicious websites.

Our Verdict

McAfee Total Protection shields against malware on all devices, but extra security tools, such as parental controls, aren’t on the mobile versions.


  • This program includes cyptocurrency protections.


  • Several protection tools don’t work on cellphones or tablets.
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McAfee Total Protection blocked 100 percent of the 350 Windows malware and 165 Mac threats we used in our testing, including Trojans, rootkits, phishing schemes and malicious websites. Other independent test labs, including AV-Test and AV-Comparatives, also found McAfee very capable of identifying and blocking viruses, while leaving safe sites, programs and files alone. McAfee also includes social network protection designed to make sure someone doesn’t sneak in to spy on what you’re doing on sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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During our testing of computer security software we were impressed with McAfee’s in-browser reports of the malicious sites, virus downloads and threats it blocked. We attempted to access or download threats through four popular web browsers: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari browser. After tagging and blocking a threat, we could click a report link and a summary of what McAfee blocked displayed in the web browser. These reports, which we found more convenient than trying to locate them through the program’s dashboard, gave us details such as what was blocked, the risk of continuing to the site or with the download, and other websites and IP addresses connected to the malicious site or threat.

A great tool McAfee Total Protection has included is cryptocurreny protections. This feature monitors your digital accounts and stops malware attacks, also known as cryptomining. This type of threat is becoming more prevalent, so having another layer of protection is good.

McAfee Total Protection includes all the important tools to keep your computer secure, including a personal firewall that works well alongside the firewall that comes with Windows and Mac computers. The password manager hides login credentials so they can’t be stolen, and the safe banking tools prevent identity thieves from capturing your information while you shop or bank online. Additional tools include parental controls and social network protections.

For Windows users, McAfee Total Protection has a vulnerability scanner that looks for outdated software and gives you suggestions on how to bring them up to date. It also shows you programs you don’t use anymore and will scrub remnants of deleted files to help your computer run faster. When we tested the Mac program, we were surprised there was no vulnerability scanner to be found.

McAfee works on both Android and iOS cellphones and tablets. However, it doesn’t have as many tools available for these devices as Kaspersky Total Protection, our pick for best mobile protection, or Norton Security Premium, our top overall choice. McAfee includes antitheft tools so you can protect your data and track down your device if it is lost or stolen. It also has a password manager and a VPN, a tool not many computer protection programs include for mobile devices. It doesn’t have parental controls that work on mobile devices. It also doesn’t let you block unwanted calls.

For Total Protection subscribers, McAfee offers 1GB of online backup storage that you can share between all your devices. This is helpful for storing copies of your most important documents, files and photos in case your computer is attacked. If your system is infected by a virus, McAfee will remove the threat and restore your computer as part of its 100 percent virus removal guarantee.

McAfee Total Protection is a good choice for computer protection as it blocked both Windows and Mac malware very well. It comes with a 100 percent virus removal guarantee and will help you restore your protected device if a malware attack happens. Its mobile components don’t have as many security tools as other programs we tested, but overall we’re confident in McAfee’s ability to keep your computers and laptops protected from malware.

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