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Avira Internet Security Review

Avira ranks high overall for malware protection from third-party testing labs, though we discovered a couple issues during our testing of this program.

Our Verdict

Avira Internet Security and Prime suites are effective in preventing malware, phishing and other internet threats, but both come with a bit of a learning curve.


  • Both programs include important malware protection tools, including a vulnerability scan and a personal firewall.


  • Mobile protection is only available with the premium package and then only as a separate download.

Avira ranks high overall for malware protection from third-party testing labs, though we discovered a couple issues during our testing of this program. However, Avira Internet Security and Avira Prime both include important security tools and do well enough in protection tests to be considered a good choice if you need an internet security software.

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Avira, for the most part, protected our computers from malware by blocking downloads and preventing us from visiting malicious websites by displaying a warning message. Threats in download files were quarantined before they could infect our computer. There were a handful of threats that were able to successfully download, but Avira found them during its virus scans and destroyed them before they could attack our system. Both Avira Internet Security and Avira Prime use browser extensions to recognize and stop internet threats, but because Microsoft Edge doesn’t allow third-party browser extensions, Avira isn’t as effective at stopping malware accessed through this browser. In fact, most internet security programs don’t work well with Edge, so if you use this browser frequently, we suggest using Webroot or Trend Micro because of how well they detect threats coming through Microsoft Edge.

One of the best features of Avira is its gamer mode. This tool notices when you access an online game, immediately adds it to its game list and automatically enables its gamer mode. The gamer mode suspends non-essential functions, allowing you to play using as much of your computer’s resources as possible while still protecting you from malware without causing any lag.

Both Avira Internet Security and Prime come with a personal firewall that monitors your internet connection and a system vulnerability scan that looks for weak spots that may be used by hackers and ransomware to access your computer. Both also have a password manager, parental controls and a VPN. The biggest difference between the two programs is Avira Prime comes with a separate mobile protection program that works on Android cellphones and tablets. Other internet and premium security programs, such as Norton, are compatible with both computers and mobile devices, and include enough licenses to protect multiple devices at once. Avira Prime comes with a minimum of five user licenses while Avira Internet Security comes with one.

We found that Avira is, for the most part, easy to install, though you do have to install its protection, password manager and VPN features separately rather than as a single package. Also, it is tricky to navigate the overall program. This is because you can’t select the other program components, like the password manager, from inside another part of the program. Instead you must back out to the main dashboard and select the other tools.

Avira’s Internet Security and Prime suites are better than several internet security programs we reviewed, but while they do a decent job of protecting against malware, some malicious downloads did get through during our in-house tests. However, these were quickly found and quarantined during Avira’s virus scans. Both programs come with parental controls, password managers and a personal firewall. Our biggest complaint, though, is that neither program is the easiest to navigate since there are extra setup steps and clicks needed to access all the tools you need.

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