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Kaspersky adds stalkerware detection and free password manager to keep you safe online

Kaspersky adds stalkerware detection and free password manager to keep you safe online
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Kaspersky has announced today that it is adding a series of new features and improvements to it’s already stellar lineup of programs, which already rank highly in both our best antivirus and best internet security software guides. This update is aimed at improving your online privacy. The headline feature here is the addition of “advanced stalkerware detection” capabilities to Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security. 

Stalkerware refers to programs and software that lets unscrupulous individuals spy on people’s online activities remotely - this includes key logging, taking screenshots and even accessing your webcam to actually spy on you. These programs often disguise themselves as background systems and spy on the target without being easily detectable, so it’s great to see Kaspersky building systems specifically designed to root this type of malware out.

In a press release, Marina Titova, Head of Consumer Product Marketing at Kaspersky said that, “We see a high demand among consumers to protect personal information they store on computers, so it is crucial to secure it properly. For this reason, and in response to numerous requests from our users, we have added advanced detection of commercially available spyware – known as stalkerware – to PCs.”

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Alongside this addition, users of Kaspersky 2020 will be able to download a free edition of Kaspersky Password Manager. Password managers are often bundled in with internet security programs and it was a glaring omission from kaspersky’s lineup, so we’re glad to see this. This free version doesn’t quite have all the bells and whistles of the full version of Kaspersky Password Manager, but users of Kaspersky Total Security do get the full version.

Another feature making its debut here  is an update to Kaspersky Security Cloud’s Account Check, which will now automatically check if your email address has been compromised whenever it is used to login.

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