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With over two decades experience as an antivirus and internet security provider, Kaspersky is still a front runner in the online protection game.

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Kaspersky 2020 review
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Kaspersky offers an exceptional range of antivirus and internet security software which has flawless performance when subjected to the industry's most rigorous tests. It also offers flexible pricing models that let you choose the package to suit your needs. Honestly, we have zero complaints.


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    Outstanding antivirus performance

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    Flexible pricing

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    Good range of extra features


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    When you think of the best antivirus software, Kaspersky is usually one of the first names that pops into your mind thanks to the company's stellar product range over the past two decades. These days it offers a lot more than antivirus apps though, with more comprehensive software that serves as the total internet security package. 

    We're talking firewalls, VPNs, password protectors and more all rolled into a single interface. As you'd expect from a company with such a history of excellence, Kaspersky offers some of the best internet security software on the market, with several different options for you to choose from.

    Another key reason for Kaspersky's success has been the user friendliness of its software.  Kaspersky is simple to install, with a process that is streamlined, and quick. The trial can be located via download links easily found on the website, and the installer is a small and easy download. Once installed, it's easy to run and update, so you don't need to be a techno-wizard to get the most out of it.

    Kaspersky 2020 review: Kaspersky Antivirus

    • Prices start at $29.99 per year
    • Windows PC or laptop

    Kaspersky Anti-Virus is the cheapest option that Kaspersky sells, offering basic antivirus protection for your home computer or laptop. This package contains all the essentials that you’d expect from an antivirus program including protection against viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware. It also offers protection against a range of common hacking techniques

    Kaspersky Antivirus 2020 is fairly low thrills apart from this though, so if you’re looking for a more comprehensive system then you should look at one of the more expensive options, or perhaps check out some of the other entry level antivirus programs like Norton 360 or Bitdefender.

    Kaspersky antivirus

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    As with all services that Kaspersky offers, there are numerous pricing options depending on how many devices you wish to cover and for how long. You can choose to cover either three or five devices with plans ranging from one year to three years. The cheapest option covers three devices for a single year and comes in at $29.99, while the most expensive option covers five devices for three years and costs $119.99. 

    It’s worth noting that these are introductory prices though which offers 50% off the actual price, so if you decide to stay with Kaspersky after your initial term is up, the price you pay will double.

    Kaspersky 2020 review: Kaspersky Internet Security 

    • Prices start at $39.99
    • Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS devices
    • VPN, ad blocker, and webcam protection

    Kaspersky Internet Security is the middle tier option, offering a more well-rounded set of security features along with some neat extras. Along with all the usual antivirus and malware protection that you get in the lower tier, Kaspersky Internet Security also offers a two-way firewall to protect you against hackers by managing your inbound and outbound connections.

    Aide from that, Kaspersky Internet Security also adds payment protection, which diverts you to a separate, secure browser whenever you’re making online transactions. This is backed up by keylogger protection, which blocks programs that attempt to record your keystrokes to gain access to your passwords.

    You’ll also find an ad blocker and privacy browsing modes included in Kaspersky Internet Security, which help keep those bothersome targeted ads at bay If you’re even more concerned about staying anonymous online, you also get access to a VPN.with a 300MB per day usage limit. This won’t be enough for watching videos, but it should keep you off the grid when you’re browsing the web.

    Kaspersky antivirus

    (Image credit: Kaspersky)

    Finally there’s also webcam protection, which blocks unauthorized access to your webcam to make sure nobody is spying on you inside your home (it even alerts you if someone attempts to gain access).

    As before, prices vary depending on how many devices you want to cover and for what period of time. Coverage of three devices for one year costs $39.99, while the top-end package covers five devices for three years and costs $134.99. We appreciate the flexibility in Kaspersky’s approach here. Again though, these prices are at a 50% discounted rate for the first purchase, so expect your costs to double if you keep Kaspersky beyond the initial duration.

    Kaspersky 2020 review: Kaspersky Total Security

    • Prices start at $49.99
    • Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS devices
    • Kids protection features
    • Password protector & file shredder

    And finally we reach Kaspersky Total Security. This is it folks, the big kahuna. OK, we might be overselling it slightly, but this is the top tier product from the renowned antivirus provider. Kaspersky Total Security offers everything that we’ve already mentioned above including world class antivirus protection, VPN access, etc. alongside a host of other premium features.

    The most notable addition to Kaspersky Total Security over the other packages is the kids protection features which help keep your little ones safe when they’re browsing the internet. This includes an adult content blocker that keeps them away from the less savoury parts of the web, along with screen time management tools that help you limit how much time they spend on the computer. 

    There’s also social media monitoring, which keeps you up to date on your child’s social media presence so you can look for anything suspicious. Finally, there is a GPS child locator which lets you know where your child is, while alerting you if they leave your preset safe area.

    Kaspersky antivirus

    (Image credit: Kaspersky)

    Outside these parental features, Kaspersky Total Security also comes with a password protector to help you store your passwords securely, and a file shredder to let you completely obliterate any traces of a file from your computer should you need to erase evidence that you once tried to write a romance novel.

    This is the most feature laden of Kaspersky's offerings, so it makes sense that it’s also the most expensive. You can cover either five or ten devices for between one and three years. The cheapest package covering five devices for one year costs $49.99, while the top end product will cover ten devices for three years at a cost of $224.99. As before, these are introductory prices with a 50% discount, so if you stay with Kaspersky after your initial term runs out, expect to see these prices doubled.

    Kaspersky 2020 review: Pricing

    We’ve already covered pricing when talking about the individual products above, but we’ve got a full breakdown of all the prices for each package for you below. 

    Please note that all of these prices include the introductory 50% reduced rate that Kaspersky offers for new subscription, so these prices will double if you stay on past the initial term. This means that the three year deals offer the best value, since they get you the discounted rate for the longest time period.

    Kaspersky Anti-virus 2020

    • 3 PCs, 1 year = $29.99
    • 3 PCs, 2 years = $59.99
    • 3 PCs, 3 years = $89.99
    • 5 PCs, 1 year = $39.99
    • 5 PCs, 2 years = $79.99
    • 5 PCs, 3 years = $119.99

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2020

    • 3 PCs, 1 year = $39.99
    • 3 PCs, 2 years = $79.99
    • 3 PCs, 3 years = $119.99
    • 5 PCs, 1 year = $44.99
    • 5 PCs, 2 years = $89.99
    • 5 PCs, 3 years = $134.99

    Kaspersky Total Security 2020

    • 5 PCs, 1 year = $49.99
    • 5 PCs, 2 years = $99.99
    • 5 PCs, 3 years = $149.99
    • 10 PCs, 1 year = $74.99
    • 10 PCs, 2 years = $149.99
    • 10 PCs, 3 years = $224.99

    Kaspersky 2020 review: How good is Kaspersky?

    When looking at the performance of the antivirus software that we’re reviewing, we turn to industry experts and analyst websites like AV Comparatives and AV Test. This specialist outlets have an in-depth knowledge of antivirus and internet security software and the ratings they give out are hugely respected within the industry.

    In AV Comparatives' latest round of real world protection testing Kaspersky came out with an exceptional scoresheet, blocking 100% of malware that was set upon it, while also recording no false positives. That’s a perfect score, only matched by one other antivirus provider, Avira.

    It was the same story during AV Test’s February round of testing, where Kaspersky once again picked up a clean score sheet by detecting all 20,606 malware samples that were set upon it. Once again, Kaspersky also recorded zero false positives.

    Should you buy Kaspersky 2020?

    You should absolutely consider Kaspersky when looking for antivirus and internet security solutions for your home. Kaspersky’s perfect antivirus performance speaks for itself, but we’re also impressed by the versatility of its offerings. 

    You can choose between three distinct packages, while also choosing how many devices you want to cover and for how long. This means you can perfectly tailor Kaspersky to your needs.  If you're looking for antivirus protection to keep you safe online, you'll struggle to find better than this.

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