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AVG AntiVirus for Mac Review

We wanted to check out AVG AntiVirus for Mac because it is one of two Mac security programs we tested that is offered for free. And we were impressed!

Our Verdict

AVG AntiVirus for Mac is a free security program that is highly effective at protecting against Mac and Windows malware, plus it comes with a few extra security tools like spam filters and phishing blockers.


  • AVG received a perfect score for blocking malware threats.


  • The vulnerability scanner must be installed separately.
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We wanted to check out AVG AntiVirus for Mac because it is one of two Mac security programs we tested that is offered for free. And we were impressed! AVG didn’t have any trouble blocking any of the malware samples. In fact, while most other Mac security programs quarantined each individual threat as its file opened, AVG recognized our test folder as being infected with malware and quarantined the whole thing before each file had a chance to download or open. And it caught 95 percent of the Windows threats, missing a couple infected files that should have been easy to recognize.

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AVG is a pretty straightforward program we figured out quickly. Each tool has a large icon, so it’s easy to get where you need to go. When a tool isn’t activated, it shows up as red until it is enabled. In fact, we found that AVG AntiVirus for Mac was a lot easier to install and use than AVG for Windows.

Because it is a free program, AVG doesn’t have as many security tools as paid Mac security software. For example, it doesn’t have a personal firewall or a password manager. It also doesn’t have parental controls or safe banking tools. It does have both antiphishing tools and spam filters. And AVG offers a free vulnerability scan that looks over your Mac for any weak points, like unused or outdated software, and helps strengthen them against hackers and snoops. But you do have to download this separately from its Mac security program. While there aren’t many extra features, it’s more than you’ll find in Comodo Antivirus for Mac, the other free software we tested.

AVG AntiVirus for Mac has a few ads that pop up asking you to purchase additional AVG programs that work alongside the internet security software. This is typically for the VPN program, a tool that makes you invisible online so you can’t be tracked by adware and your browsing history isn’t logged.

The only other real complaint about AVG is its 24/7 live support is only offered to users who either purchase an antivirus solution or pay for premium support. You do have access to AVG’s searchable support articles, FAQs and community forums where you can connect with other AVG users for some help.

Overall, we really liked AVG AntiVirus for Mac. Though it skimps on some important security tools, feel it’s worth considering. It does an excellent job protecting against Mac and Windows malware and is an easy program to use. Plus, it’s offered for no cost.