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Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac Review

Installing Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac is one good way to protect your computer from viruses, Trojans, hackers, rootkits, ransomware and many other threats.

Our Verdict

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac is good at detecting Mac and Windows malware and includes extra security tools to keep your identity safe online.


  • Kaspersky has powerful parental controls that even monitor social media activity.


  • This company has been accused by the U.S. government of using its security programs to gather sensitive information about government organizations and workers.
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Installing Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac is one good way to protect your computer from viruses, Trojans, hackers, rootkits, ransomware and many other threats. While the U.S. government has voiced concerns about the Russia-based software provider, we found it to be a reliable Mac internet security program for home computer use. For more information please read this article from our partner site, Tom’s Guide. And if you’d feel more comfortable considering another program, we also highly recommend Norton Security.

Kaspersky Internet Security is powerful enough to recognize and remove both Mac and Windows malware on your Mac computers. In our independent tests the program correctly identified and protected our computers from every Mac virus – and 95 percent of the Windows malware samples. As we downloaded malware, Kaspersky displayed a small pop-up message letting us know what it had found. And when we tried to access websites with malicious links or downloads, it gave us an in-browser warning before we could reach the site. The program logged each of these threats, details of what they were and where they were found. Most threats were scrubbed clean automatically by Kaspersky, but a few were moved to the quarantine folder for us to inspect before permanently deleting them.

When you download the program, it asks for permission to share the threats and other important information it gathers from your computer with its company and to add to its virus databases to help prevent future attacks. Supposedly you can opt out of this, but we couldn’t finish installing Kaspersky without agreeing to it. After install we could change these settings from the Kaspersky dashboard. Also, Kaspersky took the longest of all the programs we tested to download and install, close to 15 minutes, where others took five minutes or less.

This Mac security software has several useful features that other programs leave out. For example, it has parental control tools to protect children on social media networks and prevent them from sharing phone numbers or other sensitive information. You can also block access to your webcam so applications that use it can’t snap video or pictures or monitor your movements without you knowing. This feature is also a great way to ensure your kids don’t use the webcam to Facetime people you don’t know or trust.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac has a password manager, which keeps identity thieves, keyloggers and other online snoops from capturing or figuring out your passwords. It also includes Safe Money, a feature that shields your usernames, passwords and financial information when you use online payment systems or bank online. And it has a virtual keyboard that also makes it hard to track your keystrokes while you log into accounts or enter sensitive information online.

Kaspersky is a good choice for shielding your Mac computer from internet threats and for preventing your children from sharing personal information or viewing questionable content online. The password manager, safe banking feature and virtual keyboard all help protect you while logging into accounts, shopping, banking or sharing sensitive information. The biggest downside of using Kaspersky is the accusation from the U.S. government of inappropriate behavior, but overall Kaspersky is an easy-to-use and effective Mac security solution.