Bitdefender Internet Security 2019 Review

Bitdefender Internet Security 2019 includes a personal firewall to protect your computer against threats entering from your internet connection, including rootkits, worms, bots and Trojans.


Our Verdict

Bitdefender Internet Security’s strong personal firewall and powerful malware protection make it the best way to secure your network.


  • Bitdefender does a good job detecting and removing malware.


  • It isn’t compatible with mobile devices.
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Bitdefender Internet Security 2019 includes a personal firewall to protect your computer against threats entering from your internet connection, including rootkits, worms, bots and Trojans. These types of malware are used by hackers to track the sites you visit online, steal personal information and corrupt your computer.

We used over 200 live threats to test how well Bitdefender recognizes and blocks malware before it can infect your computer. When we tried to access a malicious site, Bitdefender was quick to display a prominent message in the browser letting us know there was a threat there. And if we downloaded a malicious file that included a Trojan or rootkit, Bitdefender blocked it and immediately sent it to the quarantine folders.

This program’s personal firewall scans your computer and lets you know if there are weak spots where threats can get in. Sometimes you need to update your Windows operating system or an out-of-date program, such as Adobe, to the latest version to seal the vulnerability. Bitdefender also lets you know if you have a suspicious program installed on your computer. You can choose to have Bitdefender automatically take care of these weaknesses or just notify you so you can handle them yourself.

One of Bitdefender Internet Security’s best features is it automatically scans USB drives and emails, including attachments. It also includes tools that keep tabs when you visit social media sites. The program’s social network protection checks links posted and passed between you and your friends to ensure you don’t click on something malicious that could threaten your computer. If a link is dangerous, Bitdefender warns you so you can decide to back out or continue to the webpage.

Another reason we believe Bitdefender is one of the best personal firewall programs is it protects you and your family in other ways while you are online. In addition to monitoring for malware threats, the software includes a secure browser that lets you search and work on the web without sites attaching cookies or spyware to your computer to track your online activity. During testing, we found it wasn’t difficult to open and use this browser, and there wasn’t a noticeable difference between using the safe browser and Google Chrome.

Bitdefender’s password manager lets you store the passwords to all your online accounts in one secure place. You then use the manager’s password to access those individual accounts. This keeps hackers from snatching your passwords to access credit card, bank and email accounts to steal your identity.

We especially like that Bitdefender’s Internet Security program includes parental controls. These tools let you see how much time your child spends online and what they look at while they are on there. The program breaks down use logs by individual webpages, and social media pages are grouped together so you can see what your child posts, what their friends post on their page and any links they follow. Bitdefender also lets you place time limits and block websites, so you can further control what your child sees and how much time they spend on the computer.

The software’s biggest drawback is it doesn’t work on Android or Apple tablets and cell phones. You can purchase separate programs for these devices, but you must buy a license for each phone or tablet you want to protect.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2019 uses its firewall to block and filter the points where your internet service connects with your computer to shield your system from dangerous threats and hackers. It includes protection above and beyond a firewall, with features such as parental controls, a password manager and safe browsing tools. Bitdefender is only compatible with Windows computers, but the company offers security solutions for Macs, cell phones and tablets.

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