Pros / SpyAgent can run in stealth mode, so your children won’t know they are being monitored.

Cons / Some users may find the software difficult to install.

 Verdict / SpyAgent lacks a few extras such as anti-cyberbullying tools and text alerts, but it is an affordable and useful monitoring tool.

Spytech SpyAgent lets you control your children’s internet use while still allowing them to enjoy their time online. With this reliable and affordable parental control software, you can track virtually all internet activity; you can view transcripts of sent and received email messages, attachments, both sides of instant messaging conversations, and activity on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

This monitoring software allows you to track your child’s online activity without them ever knowing. The stealth mode requires a little more expertise and time to set up, but having the option is nice.

This software is a bit more challenging to download and set up than other internet monitoring programs we reviewed. We needed to disable some security measures and use a web browser other than Chrome to keep SpyAgent from being tagged as dangerous and blocked by our system. After it installed, the program took a bit longer to figure out than its competitors, but once we got the hang of it, it wasn’t difficult to remember where to go to adjust filter settings and view activity reports.

SpyAgent lets you customize the program to fit your specific needs. For example, you can designate screenshot frequency and log storage locations as well as block or filter websites based on filter categories. You can also set the software to monitor at certain times or to lock down the internet based on specific events. For example, if your child attempts to search for a specific term too many times, SpyAgent locks the browser so they can’t try again. This internet monitoring program lets you set time limits as well, which makes it easy to keep your children off the computer during homework, chores and bed times.

SpyAgent doesn’t have designated anti-cyberbullying tools that are found in other internet monitoring programs. These tools proactively shut down conversations your child has with dangerous individuals and prohibits the use of certain words and image sharing. You also receive timely alerts about potential cyberbullying. While SpyAgent doesn’t have specific anti-cyberbullying features, its chat blocking and message capturing tools can be used for this purpose – you just need to be diligent about opening email alerts and checking online reports. Surfie has the single best anti-cyberbullying feature of any program in our lineup.

This program has multiple reporting capabilities, including remote reporting and reports delivered via email. Activity logs, including screenshots, can be filtered based on time of day, specific websites, restricted access attempts and keystrokes. You can download any report and save it to your desktop to look at later. It doesn’t send text alerts and reports, while other parental programs do.

You only get one license to monitor one computer or laptop when you purchase SpyAgent, though you can purchase additional licenses. Spytech has a smartphone tracking product you can purchase. If you buy both, you can monitor cell phone and computer activity through a single parental portal online.

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SpyAgent by Spytech is reliable and affordable parental software. It can track all incoming and outgoing communications, including email, chat and social networking activity. It blocks websites based on filter categories and by URLs added to the blacklist. You can run this program in stealth mode so no one knows they are being monitored. The program is a bit more difficult to install than other parental control software and may require you to disable some security measures, such as your antivirus program, during download.

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