Pros / Kaspersky Internet Security is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers.

Cons / There are times Kaspersky’s live support isn’t available.

 Verdict / Kaspersky’s firewall software is easy to install and consistently scores high in protection tests, making it a great way to secure your network and computer.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2018 includes personal firewall protection and powerful antivirus tools to block threats trying to get into your computer, including internet snoops, hackers, viruses and ransomware. During our in-house tests, we saw how effective Kaspersky is at stopping threats before they start to download and alerting about websites with malware. It also consistently scores high in independent laboratory tests that evaluate its ability to block malware. Kaspersky scans and detects internet threats from a variety of sources, including emails and their attachments, instant messages, and USB drives.

One of Kaspersky Internet Security’s perks is it works on Windows and Mac computers, so you only need to purchase one program to cover the computers in your household. And since the lowest priced package comes with three licenses, it is an overall good deal. These licenses can also be used on Android and Apple mobile devices. You access and manage all your devices and their security settings from your Kaspersky online account or through the Kaspersky mobile app.

Kaspersky has security tools that monitor links and interactions on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Because these platforms are so popular, it is easy for hackers and internet snoops to spread enticing links with dangerous threats. Kaspersky collects information on these threats and adds them to its malware database. That way, it is equipped to block threats and notify you if a link takes you to a sketchy site.

This firewall software comes with parental controls that let you block content by choosing filter categories, such as pornography or violence. There are also time controls, so you can restrict the amount of time your kids spend online.

Kaspersky Internet Security has other safeguards, including a safe browsing window that lets you work online without worrying about bots or cookies tracking what you do. Also, the virtual keyboard masks your usernames, passwords and account numbers from keyloggers as you enter them into text fields, making it safer to bank, pay bills and conduct business online.

One of this network firewall’s best features is its vulnerability check. This tool scans your computer for operating system and software updates, then provides safe links to where you can download the latest versions. This is important since out-of-date programs are vulnerable points of entry for ransomware and hackers.

Kaspersky’s only real drawback is it doesn’t have 24/7 live support, something several other personal firewall solutions offer. This can be a problem if you find your computer is infected outside of telephone support hours and need help right away.

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Kaspersky Internet Security’s 2018 suite provides complete protection against hackers, malware and other internet threats. It checks instant messages, emails and USB drive files for malware, and its parental control features are strong and simple to use. The program’s virtual keyboard protects against keyloggers, and coupled with the secure browser, creates a safe place to bank online.

Government entities have been warned against using Kaspersky software, but it was found to still be a reliable program for home computers. For more information, read this article by our sister site Tom's Guide. However, if you feel that another program would be a better choice for you, we also recommend Norton Security Premium for firewall and internet security protection.

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