Pros / The software works on mobile devices and computers – there isn’t a separate download.

Cons / Some threats snuck by during our in-house tests, even though Norton told us it had stopped them

 Verdict / Norton Security includes a personal firewall and parental controls that work on mobile devices just as well as on computers and laptops.

Norton Security Deluxe and Norton Security Premium are our top picks for the best internet security and premium security suites because of their high malware detection scores, overall value and large selection of security features. Plus, both programs are easy to use and are compatible with mobile devices without requiring you to download a separate program.

During our own tests of Norton Security, we tried to download and access over 300 malware samples. Norton detected and blocked 97 percent of those. There were a few threats Norton told us it had stopped and removed that we found later during virus scans. While it is good that Norton eventually found and permanently deleted these samples, it’s concerning that the program falsely reported their removal initially. If you’d like a program that scored a bit higher for malware protection, check out our reviews of Bitdefender and Trend Micro.

We noticed that Norton did a better job recognizing and stopping internet threats when the browser’s own security features were enabled. It seems Norton benefits from the information gathered from the browser in addition to the online malware databases it’s connected to. Still, Norton does a good job overall at protecting against malware.

Norton’s security programs come with several user licenses, and because both Deluxe and Premium are compatible with mobile devices, you can use these licenses to protect all your home devices. Norton Security Deluxe comes with a minimum of five licenses while Premium comes with 10.

Both programs scan your entire computer for vulnerable points. For example, outdated software can leave your system open to ransomware and hackers, so these security applications find programs that need to be updated and prompt you to download the latest versions. Both Deluxe and Premium include a firewall and tools that scan your emails, instant messages and USB drives to head off any potential attacks. Norton also offers a protection guarantee with its software – if your computer gets infected by a virus, the company connects to your system remotely and helps restore your computer. And if it can’t, Norton refunds your money.

Norton includes impressive parental controls with both its Deluxe and Premium security suites. These controls help you block inappropriate content with 47 preset internet filter categories like pornography, violence, alcohol and gaming sites. You also have time control to restrict when and how long your child has internet access, even on their mobile device.

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Norton Security Deluxe and Premium protect several devices at once, including smartphones and tablets. Norton earned a good score for malware protection, but some threats snuck by even after Norton told us they had been stopped. These were found later using Norton’s virus scan and the threats were permanently deleted. Both of Norton’s security suites include a personal firewall and parental controls. You also get Norton’s 100 percent virus protection guarantee.

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