Pros / A single Norton Security Deluxe license protects up to five devices, including mobile phones and tablets. The higher priced Norton Security Premium protects up to 10 devices.

Cons / It doesn’t include social network security tools.

 Verdict / Norton Security provides excellent protection and has many useful security features, including a personal firewall and parental controls.

Norton Security Deluxe and Norton Security Premium internet security suites did well in performance and protection tests run by independent labs because they both use the Norton AntiVirus program as their base. These applications are compatible with both Windows and Mac computers and come with enough licenses to protect several devices, including Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Norton Security Deluxe is one of the best internet security software suites because it is effective at protecting against malware and doesn’t tax your computer’s resources. Norton Security Premium builds on the Deluxe version, adding tools like online backup, and it is a top pick for premium internet security.


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Test Results

Norton Security programs consistently receive perfect marks in tests performed by independent antivirus testing labs – they correctly identify and protect against thousands of malware threats, both those that are already known to exist and new threats that emerge during the testing period. Additionally, they don’t often tag safe websites as threats, so they earn better-than-average scores for avoiding false positives. During our own in-house tests, we were impressed with the number of threats Norton Security Deluxe and Norton Security Premium blocked as we browsed the internet, and they caught keyloggers installed on our test computers.

We also tested how much of a performance toll the Norton Security programs took on PCs running Windows 10, 8 and 7. While they caused some slowdown during tests other independent labs performed, we didn’t notice lag during our own in-house tests – even as we played games, watched full-length movies and browsed online while each program performed a full system scan.

Scanning & Detection

Norton Security includes all the most important internet protection features in its Deluxe and Premium suites. Both programs recognize and protect against ransomware and scan your entire computer for vulnerable points. For example, outdated software can leave your system vulnerable, so these security applications find programs that need to be updated and prompt you to download the latest versions.

Both Norton Security Deluxe and Premium include a firewall and tools that scan your emails, instant messages and USB drives to head off any potential attacks. Norton is also the only internet security company that offers a 100-percent protection guarantee with its software – if your computer gets infected by a virus, the company connects to your system remotely and helps you restore your computer, plus it gives you your money back. You can also reboot your computer yourself with a bootable rescue CD, and if you purchase Norton Security Premium, you get 25GB of online storage where you can back up important files, making them easy to recover after an attack.

Privacy & Protection

The premium Norton Security suite has a file shredder that completely destroys files you want to delete from your hard drive so they can’t be recovered. This is an especially helpful way to deal with malware, which is often blocked and quarantined on your computer, rather than removed from the system. Norton Security Premium comes with a single license that protects 10 different devices, including cell phones and tablets. Norton Deluxe protects five devices.

It’s worth noting that neither Norton Security Deluxe nor Norton Security Premium has social media tools that would let you disable chat features and view your kids’ accounts to ensure they are safe from strangers and cyberbullies. Social media tools can also block malicious ads and posted links and ads so you don’t click one that has a virus attached. However, Norton includes parental controls that let you completely block certain content and sites, including social media pages.

Norton offers many great support options, including community forums with answers to common questions. Its blog keeps you up to date on new threats and news in the internet safety industry. In addition, you can speak with a representative by telephone or live chat 24/7.

Each time we called Norton for help, we found support staff members to be very patient, friendly and proactive. They are knowledgeable, do a good job troubleshooting, and offer additional help and tips so you can avoid similar issues in the future. We didn’t feel pressured to purchase a product we didn’t need, and our support calls didn’t quickly escalate into sales pitches.


Norton Security Deluxe protects up to five devices, including your smartphone, and Norton Security Premium protects 10. In independent tests, both the Deluxe and Premium versions earned perfect scores for protection and didn’t create much lag on our test computers. These Norton Security suites protect your computer better than most of their competitors and have more advanced tools, including a personal firewall and parental controls.

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