Pros / Panda includes a safe browser.

Cons / Social media protection tools are not included.

 Verdict / Panda Internet Security and Panda Gold Protection have innovative cloud-based anti-malware technology that provides excellent protection against internet threats, but it slows your system down significantly.

Editor's Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer a top product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information. Also, check out our reviews of the current best internet security suites software.

Panda Internet Security is considered an internet security suite rather than basic antivirus software because it has features such as parental controls, a firewall, a safe browser, a network manager and email protection. Panda Gold Protection is a premium internet security solution that includes all these tools, plus mobile protection and premium technical support. Both protect your computer effectively against online threats, but they also both eat up system resources and can slow down your system.

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Test Results

The protection Panda offers against internet threats is solid, earning perfect scores for malware detection and protection in independent labs and in our own in-house testing. However, it takes a toll on your computer’s speed to achieve this protection. Tests show Panda causes computers to slow more than the best internet security programs in the industry. It also has a tendency to occasionally tag good files and websites as malware, earning only 85 percent for its false-positives score.

Scanning & Detection

Both Panda Internet Security and Panda Gold Protection protect against ransomware and scans email, instant messages and USB drives to ensure nothing dangerous is introduced to your computer. Both come with free online backup and restoration tools, just in case your computer is attacked. Panda Internet Security doesn’t have as many scanning and detection features as the Gold Protection program. The latter includes a file shredder and a system vulnerability scan to keep your computer clear of old programs that tend to bog your system down and create weak points for hackers to break through. Neither program includes a spam filter, but Panda Security does offer other programs that offer this protection, including an all-in-one cloud-based program.

Privacy & Protection

Panda Internet Security and Panda Gold Protection have tools for protecting your identity and contact information, such as a virtual keyboard that hides your login information from keyloggers. Both security suites come with a safe browser, a virtual machine that runs isolated from your PC and doesn’t save your website history. This is also a safe zone for online banking and shopping, where you need to exchange sensitive information such as your credit card numbers, address and Social Security number.

Panda comes with parental controls that allow you to create user profiles for each member of your family and list both blocked and allowed website lists. The identity protection tool lets you block your kids from sharing certain information, such as names, addresses and birthdates, online without your permission. Panda creates a detailed report showing which sites your kids have visited and any blocked site they attempted to access.

One feature missing from both Panda Internet Security and Panda Gold Protection is social network protection. Neither program scans social media links or posts for any potential threats, such as links to malicious websites. Neither do they monitor your child’s interactions on these sites, including what they post on friends’ walls, to ensure there isn’t any cyberbullying going on.

Panda Security has a lot of online support information, including a startup guide, FAQs and a searchable knowledgebase. There is also an active user forum where you can get help from others. Panda does offer limited telephone and live chat support with your purchase. 24/7 and more personalized help is available if you purchase a premium support package, or it comes standard with Panda Gold Protection.


Panda Internet Security and Panda Gold Protection both are reliable for malware detection and include useful tools for protecting your PCs, identity and family. These include parental controls, a firewall, online backup and restoration tools, and safe browsing features. Panda Gold Protection also comes with mobile protection. While Panda is one of the best internet security software offerings when it comes to detecting internet threats, it comes at the expense of slowing down your system performance.

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