Pros / Avast detected 99 percent of Windows malware on Mac devices during independent testing.

Cons / This program doesn’t automatically scan USB files when you plug drives in.

 Verdict / Avast Mac Security is good software for detecting malware on all iOS devices, including cell phones and tablets.

Avast Mac Security detected 99 percent of Mac malware threats in third-party lab tests, earning it a place as one of the best Mac antivirus programs. It also has an average detection rate for Windows viruses on Mac machines, so you don’t accidentally infect PC users’ computers through email or file sharing. This antivirus software detects threats embedded in websites and corrupted online files.

AV-Test noted that Avast Mac Security slowed its test computers by an average of one second when testers performed common tasks such as copying files and downloading programs. During our in-house testing, we didn’t notice any slowdown while performing similar tasks.

Avast Mac Security doesn’t automatically scan USB drives when you connect them to your computer. However, it scans the files as you open them, which keeps viruses from infecting your computer. The program also includes a rescue CD so you can boot and restore your computer in the event a virus gets through and infects it. In addition, you can protect your iPhone or iPad with Avast’s mobile app, which is available at no extra charge if you are a registered user.

This Mac antivirus software scans incoming emails to ensure messages, links and attachments don’t have anything harmful in them. It also has a personal firewall to monitor communications coming into your computer from the internet. From the Avast Mac Security dashboard, you can see real-time metrics of what is being monitored and what threats have been found.

Avast has a gamer mode that suspends scans, pop-up reminders and other functions while you play games or watch videos online. This minimizes the lag and makes sure the software doesn't interrupt your play. The best part is Avast automatically recognizes when you start playing a game and enables the gamer mode so you don’t have to take the time to start it yourself.

This program is missing some features found in other antivirus software, including parental controls and dedicated safe banking tools. However, most basic antivirus programs don’t have these features, though they are included with higher priced apps. You can check out our reviews of Mac internet security suites to learn about Mac security programs that may have these advanced protection features.

Avast has 24-hour telephone support, which is important since problems don't always happen during business hours. Additionally, the company has online support materials, including a searchable knowledgebase and FAQs.

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  • AV-Test Detection Rate
  • AV-Test Loss of Performance
  1. Mac malware detection test results from AV-Test
    Higher is Better.
  2. 6  Avast
    96.8 %
  3. 96.8 %
  4. 100.0 %
  5. 96.8 %
  6. Category Average
    93.19 %


While it takes a slight toll on your computer's resources, Avast Mac Security is a decent antivirus program that detects most internet threats, both Mac and Windows. It even extends this virus protection to other Apple devices, such as iPhones and iPads, and it includes a bootable CD and a gamer mode. It doesn't scan USB drives as you connect them, but it does scan the files as you open them to ensure hidden threats don’t infect your computer.

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