Pros / It recognizes ransomware and phishing schemes.

Cons / It doesn’t offer the best protection against Mac or Windows malware.

 Verdict / Comodo does fine at detecting threats after your computer is infected, but our tests show Comodo has difficulty stopping threats as they are downloading.

Comodo Antivirus for Mac had a little trouble stopping viruses as they were downloading in our tests, only stopping 76 percent of them. The rest successfully saved themselves to our Mac computer. Comodo found the majority of these during a deep virus scan, but a few weren’t caught, and we had to hunt them down and remove them. Overall, we feel Comodo is a good Mac antivirus program if your system is already infected with malware, though there isn’t a full guarantee it will find and remove every threat. But for preventing infection in the first place, there are other antivirus programs compatible with Mac that do a better job.

During our testing of antivirus software, we exposed our Mac machine to several Windows viruses, too, but Comodo Antivirus for Mac didn’t recognize any of these threats. While this isn’t a problem for your Mac computer, it does put PC users at risk if you accidentally share an infected file with them. A couple other Mac antivirus programs had similar difficulties tagging Windows threats, but the majority of the programs we tested did an adequate job. We recommend several of these software options, including Avast Security for Mac, that have a higher rate of detecting and protecting against both Mac and Windows malware.

Comodo requires you to restart your computer after the program has been installed before you can start using it. This isn’t a big deal, but many of the Mac antivirus programs we reviewed don’t require this. The dashboard looks nice, but there is a lot of text for each tool, which makes it feel a little cluttered and somewhat overwhelming to use at first. And some functions, like the Run Scan and Schedule Scan, though different, get lost among several other scanning and non-scanning options.

Since this is a basic Mac antivirus program, Comodo doesn’t have many tools beyond basic protection. It doesn’t have spam filters or a password manager. It doesn’t include safe banking tools, a firewall or a vulnerability scanner. It does recognize ransomware and phishing schemes, which are some of rising computer threats, and two of the most dangerous malware. Comodo Antivirus for Mac does scan USB drives and files for any threats.

Comodo has a lot of reports and logs with some of the greatest details about the threats listed in them. Each report and log have differences, so you do need to read through them all to get a full picture of the threats Comodo found and dealt with for you.

Comodo also has a lot of support options including a healthy community forum where you can connect with other Comodo users to get help with issues you experience. There is limited telephone support available during weekdays, but Comodo does offer a premium support package that gives you 24/7 telephone access, including on weekends.

Comodo Antivirus for Mac doesn’t recognize threats very well as they are downloading, but it does a decent job finding them once they’ve landed on your system. Comodo might work fine if you’re already infected with malware, but we suggest looking at other Mac antivirus software solutions that are better at preventing infections in the first place.

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