Pros / It offers real-time protection, scanning files as you access them.

Cons / It isn't as effective at detecting Windows malware threats as it is at identifying Mac viruses.

 Verdict / Intego Mac Security X9 offers a triple-pronged approach to antivirus software with its antiphishing feature, additional firewall and virus scanner to protect your Mac devices from online threats.

This Mac antivirus scanner took longer to install than other applications on our comparison. We had to initiate the Intego Mac Security X9 download process three times before it was successfully installed, but once it was, it immediately began scanning for threats on our test Mac. Intego blocked 97 percent of the Mac malware samples we used during testing, with only five threats sneaking in. During a deep virus scan Intego did find and quarantine these threats.

As part of its malware detection, Intego automatically scans incoming emails and any USB drives that are plugged into your computer. This also includes mobile devices. In addition to malware protection, Intego Mac Security includes a firewall to enhance the one included with your Mac device. There are antiphishing tools to detect unsafe emails that could potentially trick you into giving your personal and financial information away.

Intego doesn’t have its own safe browsing features, but rather it checks your web browsers and lets you know if the safety features are off. We found that most web browsers do a good job of warning about malicious websites, but many have difficulty stopping some virus downloads on their own. Antivirus programs, like Norton Security, that include browser extensions, tend to find more of these threats than those that don’t.

Browser extensions also tend to help antivirus programs recognize Windows malware threats trying to come through and stop them from embedding themselves on your computer. While these threats won’t hurt your Mac, they could be accidentally sent along to a PC through file sharing and infect it. During our tests of Intego, we learned that it doesn’t recognize Windows malware at all.

Intego Mac Internet Security is more of a basic antivirus program rather than a full protection suite. It doesn’t include a virus scanner or parental controls. But both are included with Intego Mac Premium Bundle, and when we tested and evaluated this program we found these features work well. However, neither of these programs include more advanced protection tools like safe banking features, password managers or a VPN.

Intego Mac Internet Security X9 is good at detecting Mac viruses, but it struggles to identify and block Windows malware. It automatically scans incoming emails and attached USB drives that are connected to your device. It also has a firewall to bolster the one included on your device as well as antiphishing tools; however, it does lack more advanced protection features including safe browsing, secure banking, vulnerability scans and parental controls.

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