Pros / Kaspersky includes parental controls to protect your children online.

Cons / It doesn’t have a vulnerability scan.

 Verdict / Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac is comprehensive internet security software that consistently performs well in protection test and has extra features that give you more protection than basic antivirus programs.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac stopped 100 percent of the Mac malware samples we used while testing how well Mac antivirus software protects against Trojans, rootkits, worms, ransomware and viruses. While the U.S. government has decided not to use Kaspersky software, we found it to still be a reliable program for home computer use. For more information please read this article by our partner site, Tom’s Guide.

When downloading Kaspersky from its website, we were asked to participate with the Kaspersky data sharing program, which we decided not to do. But when we had trouble completing the download, we eventually agreed to participate, and Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac immediately downloaded and installed. We did disable this feature once the program was up and running.

To use the safe browsing functions, we first needed to install the Kaspersky browser extensions into both Safari and Google Chrome, the browsers we used during testing. The Safari extension was easy to locate and turn on, but the Chrome extension required us to first download it from the Chrome Web Store. Installing the extension was a bit complicated, though Kaspersky walked us through it. It wasn’t difficult per se, just a lot of steps, especially compared to its Windows program that automatically installs browser extensions for you.

As we navigated the web, we learned Kaspersky recognizes Windows threats, too, and stops malicious downloads from installing malware on your Mac computer. While these threats won’t hurt your system, they can accidentally be passed along to a PC user. The only threat Kaspersky seemed to have trouble with was malicious websites known to have malware downloads on them. However, Kaspersky only had trouble recognizing them when we tried to access them through Chrome. It correctly blocked them when we used Safari.

Kaspersky has parental controls, safe banking tools, a password manager and an online keyboard to mask what you’re typing from keyloggers and other internet snoops intent on capturing your passwords, usernames and account numbers. It also includes a personal firewall that works alongside the one included with your Mac operating system. And Mac has webcam protections that monitor your computer and block applications trying to access or enable your web browser without your permission.

There are a few tools missing from Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac. The biggest is a vulnerability scanner that looks for weak spots in your system, like unused or outdated software, and provides solutions to fix them. This is an important tool for combating hackers and ransomware, so if you feel you need these features we suggest taking a look at Norton Security.

Kaspersky makes one of the best virus scanners for Mac computers. It is effective and protects your computer against infected websites, malicious files and phishing schemes. The software’s rich feature list goes beyond antivirus and antimalware protection with safe banking tools, parental controls and webcam protection. It does lack a vulnerability scanner and requires a few extra steps to install the Chrome browser extension.

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