Pros / Avast has a gamer mode that automatically starts when you begin playing games or watching movies.

Cons / This program lacks more advanced security protections.

 Verdict / Even though it is a free program, Avast Security for Mac does an excellent job protecting against Mac malware, and it does a decent job blocking Windows threats on Mac computers. In addition, it doesn’t slow your computer while it runs.

Avast Security for Mac is one of a few free Mac internet security programs, and it’s one of only two that are good enough to make it onto our top 10 list. It is 99 percent effective at detecting and blocking malware, and it also does an average job of finding Windows threats on Macs to keep them from being passed on to PCs through email or file sharing.

The software automatically scans USB drives and incoming email to make sure they don’t contain malicious files. Also, if you connect your cell phone or tablet to your computer through the USB port, Avast will scan and eliminate any threats it finds on the device. This is a little different than programs you downloaded directly to your mobile device that provide real-time protection. If you prefer real-time mobile protection, consider Bitdefender Total Security – it protects all your devices directly.

One of Avast Security for Mac’s great features is its automatic game mode. Unlike other programs with a gamer or silent modes, Avast senses when you begin playing online games or start watching movies and automatically suspends pop-up notifications, alarms and in-depth security scans so your computer’s resources are devoted to what’s on the screen. Even without the game mode enabled, Avast only causes a one-second lag when it runs a full scan.

Avast Security for Mac doesn’t have a lot of extra tools beyond virus protection. For example, it doesn’t have parental controls or safe banking tools. It does have some safe browsing features to keep you from clicking on links to websites that are known to be malicious, and there is a password manager that keeps your login information from being swiped or captured by keyloggers.

Even though it is a free product, Avast provides 24/7 email and telephone support for this Mac internet security program. It doesn’t offer live chat support, but there is a helpful searchable knowledgebase on its website.

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  • Malware Detection
  • Performance Loss
  1. How well it detects and blocks Mac malware
    Higher is Better
  2. 8  Avast
    99.0 %
  3. 1  Norton
    100.0 %
  4. 100.0 %
  5. 100.0 %
  6. Category Average
    99.38 %


Avast Security for Mac is a decent antivirus program that detects both Mac and Windows internet threats. It scans mobile devices when you connect them to your computer through a USB port, and it keeps you from accessing malicious websites. The software doesn’t have a lot of extra security features, but it protects your computer well without slowing your system.

Avast Security for Mac Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks

Privacy & Protection

Mobile Protection
Gamer Mode Enabled
Parental Controls
Safe Browser
Social Media Protection
Password Manager
Safe Banking

Scanning & Detection

Minimum Licenses
Ransomware Protection
Personal Firewall
USB Autoscans
Incoming Email Scans
Rescue CD or USB
Vulnerable Software Detection

Test Results

Mac Malware Detection
Loss of Performance
1 sec
Windows Malware Detection Ability

Help & Support

Weekday Phone Support Hours (Eastern Time)
Weekend Phone Support Available
Live Chat