Pros / Comodo protects against ransomware.

Cons / This program doesn’t have security features beyond basic virus protection.

 Verdict / Comodo didn’t stop any malware threats from downloading in our tests, and it didn’t recognize Windows threats at all. Overall, Comodo Antivirus for Mac isn’t an effective solution.

Comodo Antivirus for Mac is a free Mac internet security program; however, it doesn’t give you much beyond basic virus protection. And even then, we found it wasn’t very effective. As we downloaded our Mac virus samples, Comodo didn’t stop any of them. All other programs we tested and reviewed stopped at least some of these threats during the download process. We then performed a deep virus scan, and Comodo did find and quarantine about 76 percent of the threats we let loose. We had to manually locate and remove the remaining threats ourselves.

Comodo’s Mac solution doesn’t recognize Windows threats on Mac computers. While this isn’t a big deal for your computer since Windows malware doesn’t affect Mac devices, it can become a big deal if you share files with Windows users since these threats can attach themselves to outgoing files and infect computers of family, friends or clients.

When we first installed Comodo, we were prompted to update the virus signatures. These are the lists of known threats listed on databases that antivirus programs pull from. After this was updated, we navigated through the program. While it’s easy to click between the tabs and see the individual tools, these is a lot of text to read through to understand what each function is for. Plus, there seems to be several duplicate tools, or information that doesn’t necessarily need to be listed there, like the copyright information.

There is a gamer mode that is enabled when you first set up this Mac security program. This feature allows Comodo to run in the background while you play games or watch videos online without the antivirus program using up too much of the computer’s resources. This feature can only be turned on or off by clicking on the Comodo icon at the top of the screen. It isn’t listed anywhere on the Comodo dashboard. The program also comes with a password protector, but we found it a little clunky to set up and use.

Because is it a very basic program, Comodo Antivirus for Mac doesn’t have a vulnerability scanner to check your computer for weak spots. It also doesn’t have spam filters or a personal firewall, features most Mac internet security programs include.

Comodo includes a lot of logs and reports. You can see the threats it has identified and quarantined in several places on the dashboard. You can securely delete any captured threat from either the quarantine folder or the logs.

We really don’t feel comfortable recommending Comodo Antivirus for Mac as a true internet security solution. It does OK for basic malware detection, but there are other programs that do a better job at protecting you. Even AVG Security for Mac is a free solution that is much more effective at protecting against Mac malware, plus it comes with several tools Comodo is missing, like spam filters and a vulnerability scanner.

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