Pros / It offers decent functionality for its low price.

Cons / It made our computer slower by 7.12 percent.

 Verdict / Advanced SystemCare Pro did more harm than good, decreasing overall performance by more than 7 percent and slowing boot speed by more than 73 percent.

Iobit’s Advanced SystemCare Pro has a clean interface that guides you through the process of tuning up your PC. It’s easy enough to run and even has a handy file recovery tool you can use if you accidentally delete a photo, document or other file. For a product claiming to boost your computer’s internet speed by 300 percent, however, it fell flat and didn’t fare well in any of our tests.

We used every available optimization tool within the application on our test PC here in Purch Labs. We ran PCMark 10 to benchmark the computer’s performance both before and after optimization. The benchmarking tests gauged word- and data-processing speed, graphics-processing performance, web-browsing speed and video chat quality. We even checked whether the boot speed improved, and we evaluated the program’s diagnostic consistency.

After multiple rounds of testing, Advanced SystemCare Pro had some of the worst performance results of any of the applications in our comparison. It actually made our computer slower by 7.12 percent. The only positive change in these tests was a 4.53 improvement to graphics processing. Basic word and data processing slowed by 16.10 percent, web browsing slowed by 3.42 percent, and video chat performance declined by 1.87 percent. By comparison, Glary Utilities Pro, our Best Overall pick, improved our test computer’s performance by 12.62 percent. On a relatively positive note, however, the slowed performance wasn’t significant enough to make the computer seem slower, much as Glary’s improvements weren’t sufficient to make the computer noticeably faster.

Advanced SystemCare even failed to recover storage. In fact, it filled up an additional 1.6 GB on our hard drive. This was disappointing, particularly since we had intentionally left items in our test PC’s recycle bin and hadn’t cleared any caches before testing.

To make matters worse, the computer’s boot speed decreased by 73.21 percent after the software ran. In contrast, the best applications we reviewed improved boot speed between 34 percent and 53 percent, and we revved the boot time by 42 percent simply by using Windows’ built-in startup manager tool.

Advanced SystemCare’s best feature by far is its ease of use, for which it received a B+. The interface is interactive and easy to navigate. You can run optimizations with one click while still diving into the advanced tools for deeper optimizations. That means little, however, when running the software does more harm than good.

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